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The Hillary Clinton email scandal in one startling chart


Somehow, in the midst of her presidential campaign, the liberal media seems to have forgotten that Hillary Clinton is at the center of an FBI investigation into her email practices during her tenure as secretary of state.

It’s projected to take 8 months for the U.S. State Department to complete its review of the 30,000 work-related emails sent and received by Clinton on her homebrew server during her tenure as secretary of state. That statistic alone is startling enough, but if you really want to see some frightening numbers, check out the below graphic from Logickull.

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The Hillary Clinton Email Saga, By The Numbers

Via logikcull

  • 4USA2

    If all this corruption had been caused by anyone else, they’d be wearing orange stripes right now. Why has Hillary been able to not be held accountable? The Benghazi investigating committee which started way back with Congressman Issa, asking questions, know she lied under oath to him! That’s when she raised her hands in the air and declared “what does it matter now” and then stated loud and clear that she’d “never seen one request for extra security cross her desk”. We know that was a lie because her initials were found later on the corner of one of those requests. Now Congressman Gowdy has uncovered a ton more things such as, Hillary told her daughter the attack was a terrorist attack while she was still lying to the American people that it was a protest against some video. Her daughter DOES NOT HAVE CLEARANCE for that kind of information! We also know that for 7 hours while the attack was going on, Obama seemed to be missing in action and people CLAIMED they couldn’t locate him, but there was a phone call going on between him and Hillary. Why is the truth being so covered up that no one is being held accountable for what was going on in Benghazi? We all pretty much know weapons were being run through there into the hands of Alqiada to apparently help defeat Assad. He is still in power in Libya and now our own weapons are being used against us! Hundreds of our “ground to air missiles” went missing from Benghazi. Hillary sat in front of Congressman Gowdy and answered half the questions by saying “I don’t know, I really don’t know”. When people are testifying before a Congressional Committee doing an investigation, and sworn to tell the truth, their feet should be held to the fire. The Benghazi matter should have been closed a long time ago but it continues to go on and on because the lies continue to cover up more lies. And she’s running now for president! There isn’t one thing about her that can be trusted; not one thing! She should be out campaigning in an orange striped jail “pant suit”.

  • Gary Smith

    Hillary can get away with lying because she is special

  • Thomas Masterson

    obama & hillary goooot goooon

  • Thomas Masterson

    they are BAD for US

  • Thomas Masterson

    the clintons think they can do no Wrong THATS BAD GET RED OF BOTH OFEM HILLARY SHOULD B IN JAIL

  • Thomas Masterson

    hillary went to STUBIT school hillary can not b TRUSTED


  • Thomas Masterson

    and she PASSED WITH ALL A

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