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Planned Parenthood announces endorsement of Hillary Clinton


Planned Parenthood has never endorsed a primary candidate, ever. But on Thursday, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund announced that it will endorse none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The group’s Twitter account sent out a graphic listing “3 Damn Good Reasons” why they’re supporting the Democratic heir apparent.


Clinton is positively tickled to have the support of the nation’s leading abortion provider:

“As a lifelong Planned Parenthood supporter, I’m honored to have the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” Clinton said in a statement obtained by the Washington Post. “There has never been a more important election when it comes to women’s health and reproductive rights — and Planned Parenthood’s patients, providers, and advocates across the country are a crucial line of defense against the dangerous agenda being advanced by every Republican candidate for president.”

Birds of a scandal-plagued feather flock together.

  • Liberty

    Hang tough, Chelsea. Ma is about to brag on a family abortion, real or not, as she lies for the good of the cause or just because it’s second nature. DNC, appropriately named.

  • Libsrlintlickers

    Too bad Hitlery’s mom didn’t support Planned Parenthood……..A DISGUSTING ORGANIZATION supports a DISGUSTING CANDIDATE, who would have thought…..?

    • Gary Smith

      well said


    GEE what a surprise. Imagine a scumbag outfit like Planned Parenthood getting behind Hillary. They BOTH condone the MURDER of innocent unborn BABIES and the selling of their body parts. Aren’t they wonderful, moral upright people ? Birds of a feather.

  • GlobalThinkTank

    I support Planned Parenthood and call out all Republicans that continue to use this as a means to fight against ‘Liberals.’ I am a registered Libertarian (not Liberal), former Republican, and I absolutely do not support Hillary, nor do I support Planned Parenthood for supporting Hillary, but I will support Planned Parenthood, and the Rights of women over reproductive health, as I continue to be a Libertarian.

    Our fight is not against Planned Parenthood; it does not affect my life, nor does it effect my core principles of allowing Mothers of any race, religion, or culture, from deciding what is best for her… it is her life and we all need to respect that. We cannot impose or infringe our values, our religious beliefs, or political affiliation against others, as we would not want theirs imposed or infringed upon us. But due to varying views and political affiliation, this is exactly what we’re doing to Planned Parenthood.

    The de-funding of Planned Parenthood is an attack on those who need it most, and the cost to fund Planned Parenthood is insignificant to other Social Services that can bear less-funding.

    However, what I find most disturbing is Planned Parenthood’s endorsing Hillary Clinton; especially with her very questionable background rather than support Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders; a much more credible and honorable Democratic representative for the White House.

    For Republicans, we need to encourage Donald Trump to back Women’s Reproductive Rights over personal values and support Planned Parenthood as a viable option to Rape, incest, and Violent Crimes against Women.

    So, as a Libertarian, I will continue to Fight for our Civil Liberties and or Constitutional Rights to live in a Free America… Free of Radical Oppression, Free of Terrorists, and Free to Live Our Lives the Way We See Fit Individually… these are the rights we all need to share and value — Individual Rights — But a new America Free of Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas.

    • Benson86

      I must disagree wit you. Gun ownership is not a privilege, it is a right, as established by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

      • GlobalThinkTank

        I did not say ‘Gun Ownership is a Privilege.’ I said, owning an Assault rifle is a privilege… Yes, the 2nd Amendment is a Right. However, there is a big difference between the two.

        I wholly support the 2nd Amendment, but it does not grant me the right of ownership of any specific type of weapon; this is a matter of interpretation, and one I stand to support that needs further clarity and transparency. Keeping in mind when the 2nd Amendment was drafted,

        it was during a time with only single-shot Muskets and pistols were available. I am sure the founding fathers would have have a different opinion on a weapon that has in effect cause for mass casualty by the hands of a deranged fellow.

    • 2T3onefive

      I also disagree with you, ” it does not affect my life” as you say, but it does affect the lives of many involved and also our social fabric as a whole, “my core principles”, that is yours and not mine or the majority of decent people, ” it is her life”, her life, yours or mine is not ours, it belongs to God in heaven, and NO I am not a religious freak.

      Second paragraph: “impose or infringe our values”, agreed, stay in your “closet” and keep what is your personal beliefs, and don’t push whatever agenda trying to convince anyone that it is good, right, or the right thing to do because of modern trends when it is not.

      Third paragraph: “those who need it most”, based on what? I understand that on a case to case base there may be a “need”, but not on a mass scale as it is being done now… for the sake of convenience or profit, or is it to difficult to realize that what it comes down to is called mass murder of innocents by the millions every year.

      Fourth paragraph: “what I find most disturbing”, I tell you what I find disturbing and terrifying, it is the confusion and ignorance of many, many American people, who will give away their rights and freedom for the sake of convenience without considering the consequences. Support Bernie Sanders? Look at what Hugo Chavez did to Venezuela.

      Fifth paragraph: “encourage Donald Trump” He doesn’t need anything, he’s doing great and you can tell how he hates political correctness like “Women’s Reproductive Rights”, that sounds more like irresponsible fornication on demand and end up pregnant.

      Utopia does not exist on this world, and you are very, very confused, and by the way, leave our guns alone, IT is our God given right as a free people to bear arms, and should NOT be infringed.

      But know this: There will be terrible times in the last days, people will be lovers of themselves,
      lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
      without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous,
      rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God…2Timothy 3 1:4

      • GlobalThinkTank

        I respect your opinion and disagreement with my post. I can only encourage you to look at my point in a third-person position; open to consideration. We live in a Western World of predominantly Catholic and Christians values.

        However, over the years; due to many falling away from God and Church, we have more Liberals today expressing their own beliefs, values, and differing opinion on the matter of reproductive health and women’s rights, of sexuality and of promiscuity. But we also have a society today filled with evil-doers molesting and raping of young girls and women.

        I am absolutely sure you are a person that believes we all have individual rights; regardless of religious faith and belief, right? As such, we Christians care for others health and well being. Christ did not turn away any whose past were questionable, but asked them to turn his teaching to reach God and forgiveness. He did not turn away those who, in their past lives sinned, but asked them to take Christ into their heart that their sins could be washed anew. By accepting Christ into their lives they now know what sins to avoids.

        We can’t condemn women who do not have Christ or God in their heart; those women or young girls victimized, raped, molested by family members, to burden their lives with an unholy birth. But it may come to pass that any one of these women will come to Christ and ask for forgiveness and Christ will fill their hearts; despite their past sins.

        As a Christian, I too cannot impose my personal faith or belief onto others who have not yet accepted Christ into their hearts; but through thorough counseling, intervention, or parental guidance, a women may choose her path; it is still not our to choose for her. But we can only pray that she will find the path to Christ and God one day.

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