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Cartoon: DOJ vs Free Speech


Libs reserve the death penalty for real criminals . . . Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Red Steiner

    The Fed is trying to intimidate us with Bundy’s incarceration for standing up for his/our rights under the Constitution, much like the Kent State massacre, and Waco Texas, we are being educated as to what happens to those of us who stand strong for America!

    • BonLovesFreedom

      You got that right, Red! Also, the catalytic converter on cars for the past 30 years or so stops the emission of carbon monoxide (or reduces it to a trace at best), so that old argument no longer holds.
      Demonrats are delusional, power hungry, control freaks that need to grow up.

      • Red Steiner

        The whole thing is a politically based hoax. The following is from one of many exposing Global Warming as a government hoax:

        Is the earth getting dangerously warm? Probably not, since the earth
        was warmer than it is now in 7000 of the last 10,000 years. By the way,
        does anybody know what the “right” amount of global heat is?

        Are we humans causing the warming by our carbon emissions? Actually,
        most of the “greenhouse effect” is due to water vapor, which makes one
        wonder why the EPA hasn’t designated H2O a harmful pollutant that they
        must regulate. Meteorologist Brian Sussman’s calculations in his book “Climategate” show humanity’s share of the greenhouse effect as .9 of 1 percent.

        The EPA is a hoax in my opinion. I know of one factory in Still Water Oklahoma, home of OSU which has been running outside of EPA pollution guidelines for over 10 years and just paying a fine. There is a housing development behind this factory in which the incidence of cancer is an estimated 20% higher than other neighborhoods. The EPA like other agencies supported by the Fed is all about sensationalism and misdirection. It’s all part of the magic show people which uses smoke and mirrors to misdirect and delude the tax payers. They actually do very little to protect the public mainly imposing fines for noncompliance while allowing the offense to continue as long as the fines are paid in a timely manner.

        • BonLovesFreedom

          Hey there Red ~ Yep! Good post. The Earth is actually about 1 degree cooler than it was 25 years ago or so. The Sun is in a quiescent period now. It IS all about getting more of our money and control. I believe the EPA should be abolished and each state should take care of their own business.
          Take care. Good night.

          • Red Steiner

            Thank you. I agree with you, the EPA and the FDA both need to be. Both are parasitic organizations which do nothing to protect the public.

          • BonLovesFreedom

            Hi Red ~ You’re welcome. There are other alphabet agencies that easily could be abolished as well…DOE for one. Suggestion: search ‘alphabet agencies’ … oh boy!! How about, for an example; HOLC, PRRA, REA, WPA…can’t imagine what an all inclusive listing would look like. These politicians can find more ways to waste our money than we ever imagined. Have a good week.

          • Red Steiner

            Hi, Yes it’s amazing. It’s a brother-in-law thing I’m sure. The other thing that amazes me is that Gore got a Nobel Peace Prize for perpetrating that hoax and that the career parasites continue to try to sell it to us. We let the FDA, which is a privately held corporation, which receives funding from the FED but the lions share of their money comes from Big Pharma, continue to “Approve” drugs which kill by the tens of thousands. It is not a government agency and has never been. We desperately need

            It’s the time of the people, the time at which we either stand up for America or get taken over and enslaved by ISIS and the Muslims or China, that is, if our erstwhile POTUS (I can’t believe he wasn’t impeached during his first term) doesn’t manage, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, et al to start a civil war.

          • BonLovesFreedom

            LOL – yeh, Al Gore – what a greedy knucklehead he is! Nobel Prize is worthless since he and BO/dinglebarry received one. I agree with you, once again, 100%. If the government wasn’t paying plenty of our tax dollars to scientists to espouse the horrors of ‘climate change’, they would stop agreeing there is such nonsense. Yes, Big Pharma is disgraceful, as we fund and die for it. Another that can be eliminated is “K” Street. Oh no, don’t get me started, Red! You’re correct though, we are on a slippery fast-moving slope and must stand up. I vow I will NEVER wear a burka. While you can’t believe that ‘pos’ wasn’t impeached during his 1st term, I can’t believe he wasn’t ousted by other means. {:+) He needs to be dragged down Pennsylvania Avenue by his toes as the people lining the streets throw ice cubes, rotten tomatoes, mud, and perhaps worse, at him. hehe The rest you mentioned, Sharpnot, Jackass, & Holdout should be in prison. You know Sharpnot owes about $5 million in back taxes…he hasn’t paid for a few years! You try owing $5,000 and see how long you get away with it.

          • Red Steiner

            I’m in total agreement with you. Thanks for the Benghazi report. I fear nothing will come from it although it should. Obama is in Cuba with his good buddies. I suspect his alliance with Cuba is a covert move in his efforts to close GITMO. It’s going to be a constant battle to keep America a free nation for 9 long months. He’s started his final moves i fear and they are well planned, bold, and backed by the Muslims, Soros, Buffett, and the Clinton clan.

          • BonLovesFreedom

            Ah, once again I agree with you as well, Red. I have the same suspicions as you. You’re welcome for the report. Have a good week.

          • Red Steiner

            I wish you the same.

          • Craig Tarter

            Perhaps they’ll leave it open for conservative Walmart shoppers. The only way to avoid incarceration: having food stamps in your wallet when they drone you with blue uniformed “specials”.

          • Red Steiner

            That is, if Obama and the Muslims don’t destroy America first.

  • Doutfuloutcome

    If the democrats get the white house again we will be paying for a lot of things that are considered screwy or fuzzy logic!

  • Kevin

    Hi – I am a Global Warming Denier, and I have lots of guns and ammo that I will use to defend myself if they try to arrest me for having an open mind. Lock-N-Load, and Molon Labe!

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