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Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton should apologize for coal comments


Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday called on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to apologize for questionable comments she recently made about killing coal industry jobs:

“I think she should apologize. She should apologize to every Kentucky worker that’s lost their job in recent times because of her policies,” he said in a video, which was uploaded by Kentucky news site CN2. “I’m calling today for Hillary Clinton to apologize for all of Kentucky for these outrageous comments.”


Paul added that her remarks were a “brazen comment” that showed “casual disregard for hardworking Kentucky coal miners — for them losing their jobs because of Hillary Clinton’s policies.”

At a CNN town hall on Sunday, Clinton proclaimed that she’s “going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” in her effort to move America toward “clean renewable energy.” The remark has drawn criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike who represent Appalachian communities reliant on the coal industry.

Clinton tried to clarify her position in a letter sent to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) earlier this week.

  • cvs_54238

    I not only think she should apologize, I think she ought to support them out of HER SALARY AND THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.

  • disqus

    The coal miners are hurting. As far as global warming and climate change goes I think the good lord will
    take care of that. What a joke!!! A vote for Hillary is a vote to stay on the Obama track!!!
    Hey! Al Gore! Hope your proud of yourself for scaring those who believed you!
    Hello my fellow coal miners! I don’t believe the government has any right to shut you down.
    The senators and representatives and all their cronies over the years have ruined our once great
    country. God bless America and may God punish those who ruined it!!!

  • pj

    Yet the unions back her. Go figure

    • disqus

      Here is what unions do. Nothing! I have had union officers come to my house and ask me to
      if I would join their union. My answer was no! The officer asked me why.
      I told him that the only thing unions do is confiscate the workers dues!!!!

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