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Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz


Jeb-Bush-800x430Former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz Wednesday, calling him a “consistent, principled conservative”:

Bush, who ended his own campaign last month, said Cruz has “has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests.”

“Washington is broken, and the only way Republicans can hope to win back the White House and put our nation on a better path is to support a nominee who can articulate how conservative policies will help people rise up and reach their full potential,” the former Florida governor said.

Bush called on Republicans to “overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity has brought to the political arena” or risk losing the White House.

“To win, Republicans need to make this election about proposing solutions to the many challenges we face, and I believe that we should vote for Ted as he will do just that,” Bush added.

On Fox News, Cruz called the endorsement “tremendously important” and said that it’s further indication Republicans are “unifying” behind his campaign.

Poll results, however, tell a different story. Cruz won Utah in a landslide on Tuesday, taking 69.2% of the vote and all 40 delegates. But frontrunner Donald Trump won Arizona with 47.1% of the vote, earning another 58 delegates. Trump now has a commanding +274 delegate lead over Cruz, with 944 delegates remaining.

  • Neal

    Hello, Ted. We should be patrolling Christian and Jewish neighborhoods. We are the ones under attack.

    • jug

      Yeah, but the bomb building starts in the muslim neighborhoods!

      Wake up Neal!

      There should be no such thing as a “no go neighborhood” in the first place!

      • Neal

        OK, jug. I get your point. Do you get mine? Thanks.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    They both live in Texas. I don’t like Cruz per say, but I don’t like the Bushes anymore.
    I used to support them gave donations and contributions. But family hierarchy to rule over us, I don’t buy it.
    Like Hillary, I don’t like her to succeed her husband running this country. First, she is the most corrupt human being on earth. She used her power as Sec. of State for 4 years working for her and her husband personal interests. For their Clinton Foundation fund raising from all powerful and rich Muslim countries. She used all her time and the US Dept. of State facilities to engage in lucrative fund raising. Taxpayers pay her as she lucratively worked for herself. MOST CORRUPT AND MOST LYING HUMAN BEING.

  • I do care if CRUZ promise JEB the VP , l am fed up with Clintons and the Bush

  • jug

    If Cruz took Jeb as VP, Cruz would be dead within the week after he was sworn in!

    And he knows it!

  • j0e cave

    these establishment types are so afraid that trump will win and stop their corrupt dealings they don’t care if hillary or cruz win because it will still be business as usual

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