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Fox News Poll: Trump only candidate who loses to Clinton


Fox News is the latest outlet to release a poll confirming that in head-to-head match-ups Donald Trump is the only Republican presidential candidate who would lose to presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:

The new national survey shows Ohio Governor John Kasich — who has no mathematical path to the nomination — leading Clinton by a whopping 11 points (51/40), with Texas Senator Ted Cruz edging the former Secretary of State by three points (47/44). By contrast, controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump trails Clinton by 11 points (38/49). Roughly half of registered voters say they’d be “scared” Trump wins the White House. He is the only candidate in whom a majority of voters lack confidence to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy, and he even manages to score worse on honesty and trustworthiness (-32) than habitual liar Hillary Clinton (-30). Ironically, Ted Cruz, whom Trump taunts as “lyin’ Ted,” scores a (+2) on this metric.

Interestingly, the poll found that Kasich is the only candidate with a positive overall favorability rating (+7). Cruz comes in at -17, and Clinton at -19. Trump’s favorability, meanwhile, is a dismal -34.

Bafflingly, despite his rock-bottom marks on trustworthiness and favorability, Trump remains the preferred GOP nominee — although Cruz has pulled to within 3 points of him:

The Fox News poll is far from the only survey to confirm that a Trump nomination would all but hand the White House to Clinton. There’s also this CBS/NYT survey, this Quinnipiac survey, and this Bloomberg survey. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Clinton’s average polling lead over Trump is +11.4.

Guy Benson put it best:

  • Eddie Santana

    Seriously; this coming from a network where a person has it in for Trump? Not very credible.

    • OnOne

      Given the fact that every personality and their “scheduled guests” at Fox have shamelessly exposed themselves as fawning schoolgirls over Trump…aside of course from Trump’s obsession Ms. Kelly, this should be concerning to Trump believers.

      • ctroop

        I have observed, by the attitude of the anti-Trump guys who compare Trump supporters to “…fawning schoolgirls…” that these are the type of guys who “don’t like girls” but are usually wearing their mother’s panties.

        • OnOne

          Hmmm…your “observation” CTroop might reflect your judgement as one of those “Trumpswooners”. I’m a wife and Mom of 6 children….and no, I don’t wear boxers. I showed your post to some of my kids….they are rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks for the comedy relief.

    • Gary Smith

      You must be joking fox gives trump more coverage than anybody

      • Eddie Santana

        Yeah, buddy, but negative press doesn’t count. lol

        • Gary Smith

          He gets more positive press from them

          • ctroop

            Gary Smith … Who, pray tell, is your “them?” Do you not pay attention to Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer and Megan Kelly? Not to mention all of their “No-Trump-No Matter What” interviews. So much for the “no spin” network.

            Hey! And how about those videos that show all the rest of the people (without an agenda) that NOBODY was grabbed, and NOBODY was pulled off balance and nearly fell down … but DID show (at least) 8 to 10 other people around her, and near enough to her to brush up against her, bump into her … the openly anti-Trump little twit who said (right on Fox news) that the ONLY reason she has for filing these (fabricated) criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager was because she felt “insulted” for not being believed.

            She could have filed a civil lawsuit, but hey, that wouldn’t have satisfied the “get even” lust near as much as having this bogus criminal charge hit the news media.

            I’m to the point now where I guess I no longer care how close we get to our RNC and DNC becoming the de-facto one-party system of the Soviet Union … so long as they DON’T screw around with the Bill of Rights and they’ll just leave us the hell alone!

    • Upaces

      WElllll, they have ruined their reputateion as being “Fair and Balanced.”


    Notice that TRUMP IS AHEAD OF ALL THE OTHER REPUBS. Now he also gets move votes than Kill-ary..What is going on here folks is a form of brain washing by the elites and the donkeycrats…If you say it enough people will start to believe it. Notice that they never say how they arrive at this crap filled conclusion. THEY HAVE ZIP ZERO TO BACK UP THESE CLAIMS…THE ELITES AND THE DONKEYCRATS ARE SCARED-SHITLESS OF TRUMP.

  • jug

    EVERYBODY, with any sense, is scared of the loose cannon, Trump!

    He learned his lying ways at Hellarys knee, who learned it first, from Saul Alinski!

    Trump was for everything, before he was against it!
    Conversely, he was against everything before he was for it!

    But he does sure use Sauls “Rules for Radicals” well!
    Accuses his opponents OF exactly what he is DOING to them in the first place.
    That is why it is “Lying Ted”, when its actually Trump doing the lying!

    • ctroop

      Hey jugs … You’ve been nursing Hillary’s milk too long. And you should probably get yourself a much shorter enema nozzle.

  • Obtruder

    This is a bogus poll…
    Trump wins the entire South and…
    Trump beats Hillary in Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Election Trump !

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    This is another destructive elements of the GOP establishment and its cohorts destroying Trump. It is inconceivable that the free loaders who don’t even pay taxes will run this country and above our heads. It is also inconceivable that GOP conservatives prefer Clinton the crook, fraudster, the LIAR, to run our country to continue her crimes. But I can feel that the GOP conservatives are so desperate to eliminate Trump. The purpose is to protect their greed for money and special interests. They prefer to protect their personal greed than saving the country from destructions by the democrats.

    • ctroop

      The RNC bosses and the DNC bosses have been under the sheets with each other for decades. And Fox News? I HATE to say this, but so far, the ONLY guy on Fox News that isn’t acting like a bought-and-paid-for stooge for the anti-Trump crowd is Sean Hannity.

  • j0e cave

    my job is doing political surveys you can get any result you want by how the question is worded.i’m voting for TRUMP

    • Upaces

      That is VERY True!

  • James L. Boren

    And we should trust a poll where lower tier candidate John Kasich beats everyone else? Ridiculous. Fox just loves to cut down Trump any and every way they can.

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