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We checked, after 6 years, America still hates Obamacare


RealClearPolitics, on the 6th anniversary of Obamacare being signed into law, listed 551 separate polls since 2009 on whether the American public approved or opposed the law. Of that number, with polls from all across the spectrum found that in 94 percent of the polls, Americans opposed the law; 5 percent of the polls supported the law and less than 1 percent tied. It is safe to assume that Americans don’t like this law, with the most recent Rasmussen poll reflecting a 54 percent opposition to it, and only 43 percent in support of it.obamacare_y_u_no_by_jetthebuizel-d41ys3l

Americans have indeed found an entitlement they don’t like. What’s not to hate? At last count, better than half of the health care law’s co-ops have failed, with only 11 of 23 remaining. With billions of federal dollars still being hosed on to the flaming co-ops, their ashes remain a smoldering ruin.

With the Little Sisters of the Poor fighting for their religious liberty before the Supreme Court, the Obama administration is being confronted with the hypocrisy that they will exempt large corporations like Pepsi, Visa and Chevron from providing contraception, but not those with conscience concerns. Hobby Lobby has already won its liberty, now non-profits with such an objection must fight. And why? Because the doctrinaire inhabitants of the administrative state, namely the Department of Health and Human Services, deemed them unfit to opt out of what clearly conflicts with their faith.

Why would Americans support that?

May we also safely assume that Republican dominance of Congress means that they want rid of it? It is hard to believe that a policy so roundly disliked would have fearful members of that august body thinking there was a political disadvantage to dismembering it. Accepting the premise that the President will protect the law until he leaves in 2017, wouldn’t this be a great time to acquaint the 2016 electorate with the alternatives including repeal, and forever put to rest the notion that Republicans can’t implement a better plan?

The major Republican contenders, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have pledged to repeal and replace the most hated six year old in American history. Republicans in Congress would do well to consult both men on a plan they can agree on to use as a campaign issue, putting the lie to the notion that the GOP would displace those who are covered by the so-called Affordable Care Act. Give the American people a clear choice so the result can be a mandate for or against the albatross that is Obamacare.

In 2012, President Obama campaigned on the vagaries of what had not yet been implemented. Obamacare and it’s legion of bureaucratic handmaidens have had access to the national credit card, profits from the student loan nationalization and the hundreds of billions raided from Medicare, and they still can’t get it to work without massively raising premiums. To paraphrase Churchill, Republicans: Give the candidates the tools and they will finish the job.

It’s time to put this law out of our misery.

This is a guest post by Dustin Howard a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.
  • Gary Smith

    How about we hat Obama?

  • BonLovesFreedom

    No kidding! Just because…it provides health care for all NON-citizens, a government committee deciding shat treatments & benefits we get, government has direct access to our bank accounts for electronic fund transfers, self-employers that self-insure books audited by the government, enrolls medicaid eligible people automatically in medicaid, rationing of health care, officers and employees of government have access to ALL Americans’ financial and personal records, all doctors are paid the same, cancer patients and treatment open to be rationed, hospitals penalized for what deemed as preventable readmission, prohibition of physician ownership or investment, prohibition of hospitals expansion, authority to disqualify medicare part B, HMO, etc, and “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.”…that is in Sec.441, Pg.203, Lines 14-15. There is plenty more communistic mandates included in obamadontcare, but you get the gist of it. WHAT’S TO LIKE??

  • Richard Bagenstose

    there is only one thing i hate worse then obomacare , and that’s the obomas , wasted 10 trillion dollar and have nothing to show for it , spending tax payer money on people who don’t belong here is just wrong , when they refuse to help americans who have paid in all they lives and have to pinch and scrap just to get by, while the illegals are living high on the hog

  • William Keeney

    THIS, is a real reason, that the lie “EVERY VOTE COUNTS”, is nothing MORE than a lie, cause if every vote DID count, there would be NO OBAMA CARE ! ! !

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