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Does Gary Johnson stand a chance?


6184710550_c96a8413db_oHere’s some interesting news: according to a new Monmouth University survey, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who announced at this year’s CPAC that he would seek the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, is polling 11% in a hypothetical three-way race between himself, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton:

Monmouth also tested a potential three-way race involving Clinton, Trump, and former GOP governor, now Libertarian, Gary Johnson. In this hypothetical contest, Clinton earns 42% of the vote – down 6 points from the two-person race – and Trump gets 34% – down 4 points from the two-person race. Johnson takes 11%. In this contest, Clinton maintains her swing state lead – 44% to 37% for Trump and 9% for Johnson – while her leaning state lead narrows – 43% to 34% for Trump and 9% for Johnson. Johnson gets his highest vote share – 15% – in the red states. Johnson is largely an unknown commodity. Just 9% have a favorable opinion of him and 15% an unfavorable opinion, while 3-in-4 (76%) don’t know enough about him to form an opinion.

Granted, this is just one poll, but it further reaffirms voter dissatisfaction with both Trump and Clinton. In 2012, Johnson set a record for number of votes received by a Libertarian Party candidate, and he could duplicate that success in 2016.

  • h-ll no!! no rinos!

    • edwin

      He’s a hell of a lot better than has been running on the republican party this year. Just once out of must be 1000’s of comments, I would wish you would say something intelligent just once.

  • Richard Hennessy

    It’s not surprising that Johnson would get a substantial percentage of votes if Trump is the Republican nominee. If Cruz isn’t the nominee, many Republicans will be looking for someone for whom to vote, since 2/3 of Republicans don’t want Trump. A vote for Trump is clearly a vote for Clinton, since he is the only Republican who would lose to Clinton.

    • Gary Smith

      He might be better than the other choices

  • spadesspouse

    A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillery.

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