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FBI investigation into Clinton email enters final phase


hillary-clinton-404_677173cLast week, it was reported that the FBI is growing “increasingly certain” that Hillary Clinton’s unsecure private email server violated the law; and even though FBI Chief James Comey’s investigation is facing significant stonewalling, he’s pushing forward. According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, formal interviews are being set up for Clinton and her aides:

Federal prosecutors investigating the possible mishandling of classified materials on Hillary Clinton’s private email server have begun the process of setting up formal interviews with some of her longtime and closest aides, according to two people familiar with the probe, an indication that the inquiry is moving into its final phases.

Those interviews and the final review of the case, however, could still take many weeks, all but guaranteeing that the investigation will continue to dog Clinton’s presidential campaign through most, if not all, of the remaining presidential primaries.

No dates have been set for questioning the advisors, but a federal prosecutor in recent weeks has called their lawyers to alert them that he would soon be doing so, the sources said. Prosecutors also are expected to seek an interview with Clinton herself, though the timing remains unclear.

The interviews will help determine whether Clinton or her aides “knowingly or negligently discussed classified government secrets over a non-secure email system when she served as secretary of State.” They will also determine whether there is a prosecutable case to be brought against Clinton:

“The interviews are critical to understand the volume of information they have accumulated,” said James McJunkin, former head of the FBI’s Washington field office.  “They are likely nearing the end of the investigation and the agents need to interview these people to put the information in context. They will then spend time aligning these statements with other information, emails, classified documents, etc., to determine whether there is a prosecutable case.”

Despite the apparent seriousness of the FBI investigation, however, Clinton — and many legal experts — believe that there’s no legal precedent for a case to be brought against her.


    She’s already Half Baked, I don’t know why they would want to waste time grilling her !

  • NoCaliphate

    Despite the apparent seriousness of the FBI investigation, however,
    Clinton — and many legal experts — believe that there’s no legal
    precedent for a case to be brought against her.

    If this is the case then why do they even bother classifying material in the first place? How did they bring charges against other folks? This sounds like a way to dodge the issue since they are afraid of the Clintons. She needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law regardless of the status of the election.

    • Texas Belle


  • twspears6007

    Indite not grill. FBI do your job.

  • uchsamin

    Hang her for treason and ugliness. Question the corpse later.

    • daves

      Sounds like you hate the Constitution.

      • uchsamin

        NO. Wrong again. I hate everything about the clintonistas because unlike you, I have done my reseach on them since 92′. I have read all about their victims and feel the pain of the friends & family members whose loved ones were mercilessly killed. I want to see them thrown into the lake of burning sulfur by GOD on their day of judgement.

        • daves

          You hate her so much you are willing to forgo the protections she is guaranteed in the Constitution. Your hatred therefore is much stronger than your concern for US integrity.

  • Texas Belle

    How much time and money has been spent on this investigation, which will all be for naught if they do not bring charges? The MSM has been silent on this issue because of course they are in the tank for the Clintons and the Obamas. Will Obama let her go down and if she does will she implicate Obama on some of these charges. No doubt he knew and sanctioned all of her activities. Nobody does anything in that Administration without his approval.

  • paul b ahern

    It’s the CLINTON FOUNDATION…..let’s not forget that. Equally as important….maybe more so.

  • Edward T Healey

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit….this old hag needs to be in jail or at an old ladies farm

  • Vega632

    What a joke!!! Everybody with a brain knows shes guilty as sin!!! Bill and Hitlary should have seen the inside of a jail cell long ago!!!

  • Gary Smith

    Nothing will happen Obama will order DOJ to stonewall it to cover his ass

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