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Cartoon: Present arms


It’s not much of a fight when one side brings an empty holster to a gunfight. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Frank W Brown

    True That!

  • Gary Smith

    Obama politics

  • Susan P

    The very first time I heard the term “politically correct” I was outraged and called it an attempt to stifle and eventually take away our 1st Amendment rights. That was in the 1970s. Today, I am even more convinced that I was absolutely correct in my categorization of “PC”.

    The pushing of PC speech, thinking, behavior, etc is to give others a non-existent right of “freedom from being offended”. There is NO RIGHT to not be offended. No matter what one does, says or doesn’t do or say, someone somewhere is going to be offended by it. But, pushing PC speech makes people afraid to speak up for what they truly believe. It stifles all freedom of thought as well as speech and actions and it is WRONG on so many levels as to be disgusting to any person with a working brain.

    • jug

      Right on!

  • Anvil6

    Coming soon to your front door, courtesy of the Obama Department of Justice. Oh wait, NEVERMIND it’s already here but the SNOOZE MEDIA hasn’t told us yet.

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