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Finally: There’s a #NeverHillary campaign ad


hillary clintonFinally, there’s the beginning of a #NeverHillary movement. Karl Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads, has launched a 15-second campaign ad using the hashtag:

American Crossroads, the high-profile Republican super PAC founded by Karl Rove, is set to kick off a digital ad campaign targeting Hillary Clinton, titled #NeverHillary, on Tuesday — a move suggesting that the group believes the GOP is at risk of overlooking the main objective of defeating Clinton while a debate over the #NeverTrump movement targeting front-runner Donald Trump consumes the party.

The initial ad, focused on Clinton’s past scandals, is just a 15-second video targeted to Washington, D.C., screens backed by a five-figure buy, but a group spokesman said it was the opening salvo of a broader anti-Clinton campaign. It’s likely to mark Crossroads’ first sustained campaign against Clinton in 2016, as many Republican strategists have become agitated that more money and resources are being spent targeting the GOP billionaire than the likely Democratic nominee — an Associated Press review of television ads showed last week that one of every 10 presidential spots over the last year targeted Trump, compared to one of every 33 hitting Clinton.

By adopting the hashtag form, Crossroads — which spent about $105 million in 2012 — is by far the most prominent group to send the message that Clinton should be the main target when Trump is the center of so many political fights.

It’s about time that someone reminded the Republican base who the true enemy is. However, with polls continuing to show that Clinton would crush Trump in the general election, maybe we should consider promoting the hashtag #NeverTrumporHillary.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    should have named it hillary for prison 2016

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