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Rubio making moves to help Cruz against Trump


rubio_1Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio hasn’t endorsed anyone in the 2016 race, but he’s made some strategic maneuvers that would more than likely benefit his onetime rival, Ted Cruz.

First, Rubio formally requested earlier this week that his name be removed from the ballot in California:

Rubio, who suspended his campaign earlier this month, asked the California Secretary of State to take his name off the ballot ahead of the state’s June 7 primary.

Candidates who drop out of the race must file an affidavit with the secretary of State’s office if they want their names taken off the California ballot. The request must be filed before April 1.

No other GOP candidates have requested their names be removed from the ballot, according to the Los Angeles Times.

How would this help Cruz? Well, despite having already left the race, Rubio received tens of thousands of votes in the Arizona primary — votes that, had his name not been on the ballot, likely would have gone to Cruz. And in the battle for the delegate goldmine that is California, every vote will count.

Second, Rubio also requested this week to keep the 171 delegates he earned during his campaign. In other words, they won’t be released as “free agents” to vote for whomever they please, which is very good for Cruz:

The only way [Rubio] can ensure they don’t vote for Trump on the first ballot is to keep them bound to him for that vote. And it’s the first ballot, remember, that’s all-important for Trump. The delegates he’s won in the primaries are required to vote for him on that ballot only; Team Cruz is hard at work making sure that Cruz fans are elected across the country as Trump delegates so that, if Trump fails to clinch a majority on the first ballot, they’ll switch to Cruz en masse once they become unbound on the second. Every delegate that Rubio releases now becomes an unbound delegate whom Trump could, in theory, convince to support him on the first ballot, which increases the chance that he’ll get to 1,237. (Cruz could also win over Rubio’s unbound delegates, of course, but no one thinks Cruz will be close enough to win outright on the first ballot. Those delegates won’t matter to him unless he makes it to the second.) What Rubio’s doing here, in other words, is limiting the number of available unbound delegates to make it that much harder for Trump to win.

This is, in practice, even better than an endorsement. The next few weeks will be interesting.

H/T: Townhall

  • ragcollector

    It is absolutely amazing to watch all these scum political anti-Americans work so hard against the majority of us citizens. It is just another glaring example of “Screw what the people seem to want” it is about power, control and greed.

  • Gary Smith

    I do not like Trump not sure about Cruz

    • Upaces

      Allow me to put it this way….You don’t like Trump. That’s okay.

      Cruz was a lawyer. I don’t know what Rubio did before he became a politician. Neither Cruz or any other politician know how to create jobs. They CAN’T allow the jobs to come here in the U.S. They are being paid a lot of $$ to do as their “owners” tell them to do. This url below are Cruz’s Owners. YES, they own him. He HAS to do what they tell him to do!

      Yes! I do understand why some people don’t like Trump. My MAIN concern is bringing the jobs back here in the U.S. from China, India and Mexico. He CAN do that.

      Another concern is having Illegals in the U.S. coming from Mexico, Argentina, etc. They work cheaper so people like you, your brother and others won’t get those jobs.

      WE slso have NO CLUE exactly WHO is coing across the border. It is wide open for terrorists as well as Illegals.
      Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border

  • mdwarren67

    Rubio is an Anti-American Pimp. His ‘boy’ obama paid him $3.9 million in cash to sell out America for his “YEA” vote on the TPP Trade act that he never read. He should be imprisoned for Treason against The USA.

    • Upaces

      Rubio was the one who stirred up the Trouble between Trump and Cruz WIVES.
      Cruz actually bought the photo(s) of Trump’s wife from YEARS ago.

      • mdwarren67

        I live in the New Smyrna Beach area and watched Disney fire their tech people and replace them with Chinese and Indians, on this go around. Pretty sad but an excellent example of the Corporate run American gov’t. Neither Cruz or Rubio are to be trusted but then that goes for 99% of all politicians. They are all puppets and big deal nothing cowards and in the game for their own benefit.
        Excellent article. Thanks for sharing

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