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GOP voters: Trump not a unifying figure


5440392565_25abd8a695_oAccording to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, fewer than half of Republican voters believe Donald Trump could unify the warring party:

Just 38 percent of GOP voters surveyed say the party would “unite solidly” behind Trump if he were the presidential nominee, while 56 percent say disagreements within the party could keep many Republicans from supporting him.

GOP voters in 2012 had more faith in Mitt Romney as the party’s nominee, with 65 percent seeing him as a unifying figure; 64 percent thought John McCain could unite the party in 2008, according to the poll.

Comparably, 64 percent of Democratic voters think their party will unite behind front-runner Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination.

Given that “President Mitt Romney” never came to pass, this isn’t a good sign for Trump.

Another interesting takeaway from the survey: While 50 percent of Trump supporters are both angry at the government and view the U.S. economy as “poor,” Trump supporters are also more likely to be dissatisfied with longterm changes in the country, the federal government, and the economy in personal finances.

In other words, there’s no pleasing Trumpmaniacs.

  • Upaces

    I just checked with all of my friends on my email list. They checked with their friends on their email list.

    I don’t know how in the world you came to this conclusion. Who did you get for the Poll? Cruz people? The potential Liar in Chief?

    By the way, there was an Ad on Craiglist for Cruz vs. Trump. They were paid $16.00 an hour to interrupt Trump’s rally

    We also had good ol’ Soros funDing it; and Bill Ayers had his photo taken. What happened to COCNERVTIVEPUBLICANNEWS?

    YOU should change your site’s name of “Conservativepublicannews. You sound more like a Clinton OR Cruz spokesman.

  • Zach

    The FSA (free s…stuff army) is both Republican and Democrat. Crony Capitalism is what we have now, and Goldman Sachs has Cruz’ wife as an employee. Trump wants to disband the FSA and try them for war crimes. I for one am all for it because all of us working two jobs for 30k a year are tired of these trough pigs sticking their snout in while we serfs starve. These people need to fail along with the banks and gov teet sucking companies that they prop up.

    Where did you get your journalism degree? Rutgers or Clemson Community College? Maybe you should go back to school in Dickville and study to be a CNA.


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