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Report: FBI to interview Hillary Clinton ‘in days’


hillary-clinton-emailAccording to a report from Al Jazeera America’s David Shuster Wednesday night, the FBI has completed its near year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private, unsecure, homebrew email server. Furthermore, Clinton herself will be interviewed by FBI Director James Comey in the coming days as the agency determines whether to file criminal charges against the Democratic presidential frontrunner.

Here’s Shuster’s report, via Mediaite’s Joe Concha:

While Hillary Clinton fights for the Democratic presidential nomination, law enforcement officials tell Al Jazeera America the Federal Investigation into her personal email system while she was Secretary of State has reached a critical stage.

The FBI, led by Director James Comey, has now finished examining Clinton’s private emails and home server. And the sources add that Comey’s FBI team has been joined by the Justice Department prosecutors. Together, they are now examining the evidence, analyzing relevant laws, and attempting to arrange interviews with key figures in the investigation.

Those interviews, according to attorneys, will include former State Department aides Philippe Reines, Former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and Clinton herself.

Soon after those interviews — in the next few days and weeks — officials expect Director Comey to make his recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about potential criminal charges.

Shuster added that sources expect the conclusion of the investigation — whether it be Clinton’s indictment or exoneration — “to come in weeks, not months.” Furthermore, Clinton’s crucial interview “could come in days.”

Stay tuned, folks.

  • Robert

    Why waste the time the Attorney General will never prosecute her no matter what they find, it would make the whole Democratic party look bad, What is going to make it look worse is if they do not do something to her after General Petraeus was charged and lost his job for far less than Hillary has done.

  • Richard Taylor

    It is a non-issue. She did nothing that other Government officials have done before her.

    • Ralph

      You are an idiot.

      • Richard Taylor

        You have proof?

        • Ralph

          The proof will come out at her trial.

          • Richard Taylor

            Or just another waste of taxpayer’s money like Whitewater. Thanks for playing.

          • Gary Smith

            What trial Obama will not let that happen

          • Ralph

            Don’t bet on it, odumma does’nt like hellary any more than we do.

          • Gary Smith

            No but he has to cover his ass

          • Ralph

            If he covers his ass how could we tell if he is talking.

          • Gary Smith


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