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Fox Business Network to air Libertarian Party debate tonight


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.59.25 AMFriday, April 1, at 9 p.m. EST, Fox Business Network will broadcast the first nationally televised Libertarian Party debate. The pre-taped debate will air as part of John Stossel’s show Stossel, and includes libertarian candidates Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee.

Here’s a “spoiler-free” review from Reason’s Matt Welch:

I can exclusively pre-report that Gary Johnson is decidedly Gary Johnson (squishy from a libertarian-purist point of view on stuff like forcing anti-gay-marriage bakers to do business with homosexualists, sharpest in the field on the whats and whys of specifically cutting government), Austin Petersen looks like a cheeky 35-year-old playing at running for president (“Don’t hate me because I’m pretty!”), and John McAfee has taken the whole “Most interesting man in the world” ad campaign as some kind of personal dare. Crudely speaking, Johnson’s the pragmatist, McAfee’s the philosopher, and Petersen’s the hustler.

[…] Each candidate has moments that feel less than ready for prime time, and oh man if John McAfee was on a national debate stage talking about whatever the hell happened there down in Central America. But the biggest sensation for those of us who have become numb watching eight months of decidedly statist discourse might the sheer relief at seeing policy discussed from an unabashedly libertarian point of view.

And here’s the debate promo video:

  • Philip Allen

    If the Republican Party has a Brokered Convention and does not pick the nominee with he most delegates then I will be voting libertarian. I refuse to stick with a party that is out to screw the voters, in this case the Republican Party. People in the Libertarian Party need to get the word out to the voters that are fed up with the Establishment Republican Party that there is an alternative Party to the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and that is the Libertarian Party. All the talk of a 3rd party who needs it when we have the Libertarian Party! This is the first I’ve heard of the Libertarian Party and it could be the alternative to those who despise the Establishment Republicans trying to hijack the Republican Party! Need I Say More!

  • Gary Smith

    They might be a better choice than what we have now.

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