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Poll: Trump still leads, but Cruz and Kasich gaining


Despite all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign over the last few weeks, including mudslinging involving candidates’ wives and the arrest of Trump’s campaign manager, the billionaire businessman is still in the lead according to the most recent YouGov poll — although Ted Cruz and John Kasich are gaining support:

Two weeks ago, Trump captured support from a majority of Republican voters, even against three opponents.  In this week’s Economist/YouGov Poll, his support has slipped back below 50%.  Both Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich have gained in the wake of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s withdrawal from the contest.  But Trump receives just as much support as the two other remaining candidates combined, and continues to dominate.


Indeed, it seems the spat over Trump’s and Cruz’s wives made no different at all:

Eight in ten Republican voters, men and women alike, claim that the tweets and the suggestive pictures of Melania Trump won’t matter to them when it comes to supporting Trump.  And both Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz, Ted Cruz’s wife, get positive assessments from GOP voters.  Fewer than one in five rate either spouse unfavorably.  Melania Trump fares somewhat better, but spouses sometimes are judged by the way people feel about the candidates, and Trump continues to be better-liked than Cruz by Republican voters, although the unfavorable ratings for all GOP candidates, especially Kasich (who trails in the poll), have risen in the last two weeks.



It’d be interesting to see what the favorability ratings are for Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Donald Trump demonstrates amazing strength of character. For an individual such as he to maintain a positive attitude in the face of across the board negativity from his own Party as well as from the opposing Party and a colluding main stream media says volumes about his resolve to continue the fight to win the Republican nomination for President. A growing, resolute cadre of supporters have stood with him in the face of all the negativity thrown at him by the establishment and the professional political poseurs inherent in that group. It is patently obvious that the powers that be are seriously concerned that their long established power clique is at risk of exposure and they are doing all in their power to frustrate those who threaten them and their UN driven, Global thinking, agenda driven cabal. Conscientious American Citizens dedicated to the precepts in our inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights who are supporting Donald Trump – if they continue to demonstrate the resolve that Donald Trump himself demonstrates – will surely overcome the flood of negativity being levelled against him and will see him as their Party’s nominee for the Presidency. He is the only candidate in the running who will make a concentrated effort to get America back on the correct Constitutional path again. Anyone else will simply go along with the status quo as they are all part of an agenda driven, governing elite which has all but brought America to its knees.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Interesting Kasich’s wife hasn’t been seen…except that time in New Hampshire. This may be one of the smartest things he has done…leaving his wife out of the fray. However, I do not want him as our POTUS. Cruz 2016!

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