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FBI chief in no rush to finish Clinton email probe


14-hillary-clintonDespite reports that the FBI is nearing the conclusion of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, agency head James Comey said Monday that there’s no pressure to wrap up the investigation before the Democratic Party’s nominating convention in July:

“The urgency is to do it well and promptly,” FBI Director James Comey said during an appearance with local law enforcement officials in Buffalo, New York. He added that “‘well’ comes first” and that he was staying “close to this one to make sure we have the resources to do it competently.”

Reports have indicated that the FBI is prepared to interview at least a dozen Clinton associates from the State Department, and an unknown number from the Clinton Foundation, in connection with her use of a private server as secretary of state. That process will likely conclude with an interview of Clinton herself.

Once the interviews have concluded, the FBI will issue a recommendation to the Justice Department on whether Clinton or any of her associates should be indicted. However, many believe there’s not enough evidence to prosecute Clinton.

Additionally, the State Department announced last week that it has suspended its internal review of Clinton’s practices until the FBI concludes its investigation — meaning that Clinton could potentially be sitting in the White House before State resumes its probe.

  • uchsamin

    I hate this evil witch. The good news is where GOD is she will not be.
    Her fate is in the lake of burning sulfur along with billy boy.

  • LandMinesOTB

    Of course they aren’t in a hurry. They’re being pressured to stall until after she’s elected in November. NO WAY they will get to depose her then, certainly not unseat a sitting president. Just one more thing this witch will have gotten away with. Amazing that the libs hate “the man” and the corruption and lack of transparency when she is the poster child for each of them.

  • Ron Ratisher

    What a sad state of affairs that this woman can actually become president of the US! She is a thief, a liar, a cheater and possibly complicit in murder and yet, American fool democrats think she is worthy of leading the greatest nation in the world. There has to be something we can do! This cannot be allowed to happen!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    more wasted tax dollars , just like benghazi , they investigate and the criminals walk free, show me one that went to prison in the last 20 years , they get away with stealing millions from us and when they get cought they retire and collect there pensions , and rip us off some more

  • Deb

    Another government joke, Comey you are embarrassing our Country, your job, making it a fools job run by a coward. I thought you were worthy of our trust, just another castrated man scared to do anything. SHAME!!

  • Return to God, and let Him take care of Clinton and her horrific, criminal, misdeeds against what was, formerly, His “Mystery Babylon.” He Alone will Judge her!

  • mike74

    I don’t think the FBI likes her and they are making sure that there will be no way out like they have in the past . I think the FBI will come down with charges but the attorney general will not move forward . if this happens we all need to stand up and file complaints with the justice department and start an on line drive to force the gov to do it job. we the people have the power not the idiots that we elect . as a Air Force vet with a clearance there is more than enough to convict her from just what I know happened I would have been in the brig be for the ink dried . this whole family has to be brought to justice we the people can do it .

  • alpambuena

    makes you wonder if a deal was not made to go slow until the election is completed….the Washington mafia in Washington is strong and deep…..and nobody there can ever be trusted.

  • Gary Smith

    She has something on Comey

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