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Poll: GOP voters don’t want a last-minute candidate


maxresdefaultNot everyone is satisfied with the choices in the Republican presidential race. However, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll, GOP voters have little interest in a last-minute candidate like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney:

If [Donald] Trump does not have the votes clinched from the primaries to win the nomination on a first convention ballot, that would mean a contested convention in which many delegates would be up for grabs on subsequent ballots.

And GOP voters are clear, by 65-29, that they want only candidates who already have run in the primaries to be eligible.

“There’s very much a notion that if you weren’t in, you shouldn’t win,” said [director of the Marist Intitute for Public Opinion in New York, Lee] Miringoff. “If they go outside to any of those folks, it would be done at great jeopardy and at great risk. The electorate would not be happy.”

Additionally, a slim majority also believes Trump should be given the nomination even if he comes up short of the required 1,237 delegates:

Fifty-two percent of Republicans said the party should nominate Trump if he has more delegates than any rival heading into the convention, with only 40 percent saying the party should look elsewhere.

“There is clearly a sentiment on the part of a majority and even more among key groups that if he has the most going in but failed to secure it, he should still get the prize at the end,” said [Miringoff].

However, the results of the poll also underscore the deep divide between those who support Trump and those who do not:

Trump backers provided most of the support in favor of Trump securing the nomination even if he doesn’t have enough delegates for the nomination. Almost 9 in 10 – 85 percent – of Trump supporters say the party should nominate him even if he doesn’t secure enough delegates.

But clear majorities of supporters of his two remaining rivals, Cruz and Kasich, say the party should nominate an alternative if Trump doesn’t have enough delegates to clear the first ballot at the convention.

  • FireMedic447

    So, what do you think the ‘establishment GOP/RINOs’ will do if it goes to a second ballot…and Mr. Trump comes out with a clear majority?

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