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Flashback: Bernie Sanders thinks bread lines are ‘a good thing’


Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in the Wisconsin Democratic primary Tuesday night, but John Stossel has a reminder for everyone feeling the Bern. Back in the 1980s, Sanders promoted bread lines as a sign of a healthy, fair economy:

“You know, it’s funny. Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is when people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing. In other countries, people don’t line up for food. The rich get the food and the poor starve to death,” Sanders lamented.

I’m not sure what alternate universe Sanders was living in in the 1980s, but (1) the rich were and aren’t hogging all the food while the poor starve to death and (2) food rationing is not a sign of a healthy economy. Just ask anyone living in the socialist “paradise” of Venezuela. Anny Valero, a housewife from Caracas, shared with NPR how nightmarish it is to shop for groceries under the state regime:

We stop at a state-run store. There are no lines outside, but that often means there’s not much food left. Inside, the meat department is a barren landscape.

“There’s just unplugged display cases, flies and a bad odor,” Valero says. She settles for three cans of sardines. She also finds diapers for Jeremy.

But checkout is like clearing customs in a hostile foreign country. The checkout clerk scrutinizes Valero’s ID card and tells her to hold her index finger over a fingerprint scanner.

The clerk scans the merchandise and then informs Anny that, because of rationing, she can buy just two of the three cans of sardines. Then, Valero and Benaventi must produce Jeremy’s birth certificate to prove the baby is theirs and that they really do need the diapers.

That doesn’t sound like a healthy economy to me. And it’s not.

By the way, according to the World Bank, even the poorest Americans are richer than most of the world. There’s certainly room for improvement in our economy, but Sanders’s socialism would be a step in the absolute wrong direction.

  • Gary Smith

    That idiot proably believes it

  • Robert

    I have never heard such a crock of BS. Sanders is completely correct, the UN send plane loads of food to starving countries, and the officials confiscate it in the name of proper distribution, and sell it. now this food was given free to the needy. You have turned a simple sentence by Sanders into a thing saying he wants bread lines
    Why do you not talk about the last Venezuela, where all the poor had no hunger of real needs, even supplied heating fuel for the needy of the US, It was the Capitalist of Venezuela that have tried to destroy him since he took office. Maybe that is why the Space craft that have been known to visit our planet never land because they can see we are still a war like tribe of uncivilized things, who do not deserve their technology.
    The people who think that everyone can get to the top and no one should need any help does not know anything about the pyramid of life, that says there has to always be some one on the bottom so there can be someone on top, the trouble with Capitalism is that the people on top want to blame the people who put them on top for being on the bottom. wake up and smell the roses.

    • LandMinesOTB

      perhaps if people stopped blaming the rich for their own lack of wealth or success, then we wouldn’t have to listen to this continuous class-envy struggle and drivel about redistribution of wealth.
      If you want nice things, work harder.
      If you want a lot of kids, get an education and a good job so you can afford them.
      It’s pretty simple.
      Am I rich? Heck no. But I work hard for better things. “WORK” being the operative word.

      I think Sander’s point was pretty clear. Just like his point today. From each according to his abilities. To each according to his needs. COMMUNISM. Spread the wealth by making us ALL equally poor. Bread lines for EVERYONE.

      • Robert

        It is nice to dream like you are doing, I can guarantee that hard work never made anyone rich.
        You forget about the persons who are mentally despondent but not enough to get a disability check, and those who can not learn, and those with poor memory, you in your narrow view of life do assume that everyone is capable of doing what you can do. If as you say everyone can move up and get a better paying job, who would do the lesser paying jobs.
        WORK may be the operative word in your sense of thinking. There are ones out there that work as hard if not harder than you and still can not get ahead, because of a lot of different reasons.
        You show your lack of knowledge by calling Sander’s Socialism views Communism, one has nothing to do with the other. If Socialism is so terribly bad then how come the happiest people in the world live in Socialistic Countries, and industry thrives there, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Canada. Nearly every American car is made in Canada, and in Europe, BMW< MERCEDES< ROLL ROYCE< JAGUAR< FERRARI the most expensive and supposedly best cars are made in Socialistic countries and the workers make more than they do here and take home a higher percentage.
        Socialism is not a redistribution of wealth, it is simply a way to make sure that everyone has adequate medical at a uniform cost to everyone, and adequate housing that is affordable to everyone, all medical is on a non profit system, so everything is cheaper, you have no prescription co-pays, You buy your medical insurance from a company that can not make a profit on you.
        Do some research and then you will know that the Conservatives are trying to scare you into thinking that people in Socialistic countries are like slaves, I know different because my children work in England and Europe because they could not get good paying jobs here when the graduated college.

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