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Cartoon: Oh Snap


The funny thing is when it gets hot, the global warming kooks always blame humans. Never the reverse though.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Robert

    I do feel for the people who will in every way deny Global Warming. I am sure that persons think that it is a very fast thing, but the he Global temperature has risen 1.4 Degrees F over the normal temperature increases since 1880. ou may not think that is much but add it to the normal warming over the next 150 years and possibly accelerate it because of the pollution we are putting into the atmosphere with carbon based fuels, we have had the technology for years to use less of the product and get the same results but the mixture of the Carbon based fuel companies and the US government has stopped it from being used, when I was in College in 1956 it was calculated that if every motor vehicle and trains on the Us were to get 10 more miles per gallon the Fuel industries profit would drop by almost half and the and the state and Federal taxes which is derived from fuels would be reduced by at least $100 million dollars in 3 years, so why should the Government cut their own throat or the politicians give up reelection campaign money to do what is good for the country, Converting automobiles to Propane or natural gas would have cut the carbon footprint by a great amount.
    The ice cores and the rock cores are the best proof we have of the accelerated temp rise.


    • blagos

      Ummm. . . I thought that it was the government and industry that was pro-nuclear and that it was the uneducated but well meaning people who put the brakes on the most feasible energy source for cities and concentrated human populations. If we had 500 more nuclear reactors, we wouldn’t need oil, coal or gas. Even today, the people don’t wan to build reactors, or develop new nuclear technologies (safer reactors, thorium reactors, etc.), all of which are needed to power cities (rural areas could use other forms of power like wind, solar, etc. if desired.

      • Robert

        You have some good points there but there is a downfall, we have no place t store the nuclear waste we now have, what we do with the waste from more nuclear reactors. The coal industry the major polluter of the atmosphere is over 70% owned by the oil companies, and to cut back on the use of either would severely handicap the profit for the oil companies so they use scare tactics on the population so that all population is against any other type of electric generation.
        In Maine nearly every town or village in the western part of the state had a hydroelectric system from the rivers, the electric company got laws passed through the state that made the places that hydroelectric shut down and hook onto the electric grid and pay when they were basically getting free electricity most of the year. It is all about the money not what is good for the country.
        It is no different in a lot of instances, where I lived before we lived there for 29 yers and our well was tested every year and was excellent water quality, as soon as they put the new water lines in front of my house they condemned my water and sealed my well with Concrete, I had 30 days and a hookup of over $400 to get on their water system.

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