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Clinton staffers blast noise machine at reporters during Hillary fundraising speech


Msc2012_20120204_408_Clinton_Hillary_Frank_PlittReporters were rendered unable to do their job during a Hillary Clinton fundraising speech in Colorado Thursday, as Clinton staffers blasted a static noise machine in their direction during the presidential candidate’s remarks:

Clinton, who was holding a fundraiser Thursday evening in Colorado, was speaking outside at a private residence. Just when she started to speak, according to CBS Denver’s Stan Bush, campaign staffers directed a speaker spewing out static noise at reporters hanging out across the street.

“Guess @HillaryClinton campaign dsn’t want reporters to hear fundraiser speech. Turned on a static noise machine pointed at us when she spoke,” Bush tweeted.

Bush tweeted a video of the noise, and Clinton’s speech is not discernible over the din:

At least this is more subtle than that time she corralled reporters like cattle.

  • Kevin

    How do you know it was a static noise machine? Maybe it was Hillary Clinton’s speech all along? (Clinton IS a static noise machine!) After all, what difference does it make?

  • tnetcenter

    Nothing like Honesty in Politics! Well, we don’t have to worry about honesty from HiLIARy that ain’t happening!!


    So,WHY do reporters fawn all over this B!+CH?!?!?!?!

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