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Matt Lauer confronts Hillary Clinton about her honesty problem


Hillary Clinton sat down for a one-on-one interview with “Today’s” Matt Lauer, and he didn’t hold back on grilling her about her astonishingly poor polling number among Millennials, women, and people in general who care about honesty:

“Bernie Sanders got 82 percent of the votes from people under the age of 30,” Lauer explained. “Eighty-nine percent of people said they thought Bernie Sanders was basically honest; 58 percent said that about you. And this struck me – you are running to become perhaps an historic candidate, perhaps the first woman elected president, and right now if you look at Wisconsin, you basically split the women’s vote with Senator Sanders. When you lay in bed at night, how do you get your arms around that.”

Ouch. But, unsurprisingly, Clinton didn’t seem concerned:

“I just think about it from a much broader perspective,” she said, noting that she lost Wisconsin to President Obama by an even bigger margin in 2008.

“I am absolutely confident that if I’m so fortunate as to secure the Democratic nomination, we will unify the Democratic party – all parts of it.”

Maybe someone should inform Clinton that voters from all over the country, not just Wisconsin, greatly prefer Sanders to her when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness.

  • Robert

    Hillary does not care because she knows she has the nomination sewed up, not by a majority of voters but by the Democrats that are scared to death of her. If they turn against her they will probably have assisted Suicide, a terrible heart attack, or a deadly automobile accident. This woman has no values about anyone except herself.
    I would not even believe her if she was dog catcher and I saw what she did because by the time she told it I could not believe my lying eyes.

  • Gary Smith

    She would not know the truth if it smacked her in the ass

    • peter Pirzadeh

      Her ass is flat, it would not have much of an impact.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    Maybe Hitlery has bought her way out of prison by spreading around the $6 billion that is still missing from the secretary of state funds.

  • Alice House

    Of course she’s not worried about her dishonesty–no democrats are concerned about being liars–the mass media is helping them cover it up!

  • bdcorvette

    Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the c-word.

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