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A guide to the remaining state primaries


trump pointingSen. Ted Cruz proved in Wisconsin that his impact isn’t limited to caucus states and states with large proportions of evangelical Christians. Indeed, if he can win a handful of key primary states, he can keep Donald Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the nomination.

That being said, the remaining 16 primaries are as follows.

  • April 19: New York, 95 delegates
  • April 26: Connecticut (28 delegates), Delaware (16 delegates), Rhode Island (19 delegates), Maryland (38 delegates), Pennsylvania (71 delegates)
  • May 3: Indiana (57 delegates)
  • May 10: Nebraska (36 delegates), West Virginia (34 delegates)
  • May 17: Oregon (28 delegates)
  • May 24: Washington (44 delegates)
  • June 7: New Mexico (24 delegates), New Jersey (51 delegates), South Dakota (29 delegates), Montana (27 delegates), California (172 delegates)

It’s impossible to say exactly how many delegates Trump will walk away with, but he’s expected to clean up on the East Coast — although it’s a very real possibility that he’ll split the delegate prizes in his home state of New York; Connecticut; Rhode Island; and Pennsylvania. He’s favored to win the winner-take-all states of Delaware and New Jersey and the vast majority of Maryland.

Cruz, on the other hand, will hope to draw numbers in the Midwest and West:

If Cruz wins Indiana, Nebraska, Washington, South Dakota, and Montana, then merely splitting delegates evenly in California with Trump would be enough for Cruz to keep Trump some 75 delegates short.

If that happens, Trump could still secure the nomination on the first ballot at the convention in Cleveland — but the vast majority of the 150 to 200 unbound delegates are likely to vote for Cruz.

Check out a complete breakdown of the upcoming primaries at The Weekly Standard.

  • John Chism

    Every body is stuck in this Delegates rut. The Delegates are the Electoral College Vote. This is where they say that the Republican can’t win this Election. But the Popular Vote OVERRIDES the Electoral College Vote. If Trump can get the Popular Vote higher than all the other Candidates he can Win. So no matter what Affiliate you are Registered as. You can “Write In” Trump that counts as the Popular Vote. Check your State General Elections Voting Rules. Make any changes you think is required by those rules. This election is so messed up it’s pathetic. I have said in the past to only vote for the Nominee. I no longer hold to that ideology. What is going on is not like anything we’ve had in the past. Your Vote is being stolen. It’s time to revolt. Vote for your favorite and let the Popular Vote decide. Good luck.

    • Sicklesteel

      …good advice John….

      • John Chism

        I must admit an error. The Electoral College Vote nullifies the Popular Vote. I had misread a rule. Several President’s have won by the Electoral College Vote with smaller Popular Votes. But. Your Vote matters to get the Delegates that are bound to your district. This is not my area of expertise. And every State has different Rules. So everyone needs to do their own research. The real problem is Delegates are picked prior to the General Election and not From the General Election. That the majority of voters don’t vote in the Primary or Cacaus that binds those Delegates. But will vote in the General Election. To me is a serious bad rule. Those should be bound from the General Election Voters. And not counted until All General Election Popular Votes are counted to see what the Electoral College Vote is afterwards by those bound to your district.

        • Sicklesteel

          Thank you for that clarification John. I was getting ready to go research that myself because I thought I could remember reading about that just a while back out here some where.

          Regardless, this election is heating up and getting stranger every day of the week.

          • John Chism

            That’s for sure. Good luck.

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