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Capitalism Rules, Socialism Drools


I don’t care whether it’s called socialism, fascism, or communism, statism is evil and destructive. And going partway down that path with “democratic socialism” may avoid brutality, but the end result is still economic misery.

In hopes of getting this point across, I utilize everything from humor to theoretical analysis.

But my favorite approach, based on decades of experience with one-on-one meetings, public speeches, and private briefings, is to share cross-country comparisons. Such real-world evidence seems to be most persuasive.

So it’s time to add to that collection.

Let’s go back to 2011, when Catherine Rampell was with the New York Times and she wrote a column about a book by World Bank economist Branko Milanovic. She focuses on a powerful visual.

My favorite part of the book was this graph…on the vertical axis, you can see where any given ventile from any country falls when compared to the entire population of the world. …take a look at America. Notice how the entire line for the United States resides in the top portion of the graph? That’s because the entire country is relatively rich. In fact, America’s bottom ventile is still richer than most of the world: That is, the typical person in the bottom 5 percent of the American income distribution is still richer than 68 percent of the world’s inhabitants. …America’s poorest are, as a group, about as rich as India’s richest.

Here’s the graph that grabbed her attention.

I agree with everything Ms. Rampell wrote about that graph, but let me expand the focus by explaining why this is yet another piece of evidence for the proposition that policy makers should focus on growth rather than (in)equality.

From a leftist perspective, the ideal line for such a graph is horizontal because that represents complete income equality. And they naturally think that statist policies are more likely to produce an outcome closer to that redistributionist ideal (hence, their support for politicians such as Obama, Clinton, and Sanders).

But the graph shows why they are so wrong to support ever-larger government.

For instance, ponder the question of which nation produces better outcomes for poor people? Obviously, per-capita output for all income levels is higher in the United States, but the gap is especially huge for those with low incomes.

There doubtlessly are many reasons for the output gap in the chart, but one logical explanation is that the overall burden of government is much lower in the United States (#16 in the economic freedom rankings) than in China (#111), India (#114), and Brazil (#118).

By the way, some people may say it’s unfair to compare the United States with nations from the developing world. But the entire point of this comparison is that these other countries aren’t part of the “first world” in part because their economic policies are characterized by statism rather than capitalism.

But for those who want comparisons among developed nations, I’ve reviewed evidence from the United States and Europe on many occasions and the results always show that the relatively more market-friendly policies in the United States produce higher levels of prosperity than the more statist policies of Europe.

And if you want a more apples-to-apples comparison involving one of the most successful European nations, consider this chart showing the relative prosperity of different income levels in the United States and Sweden.

The bottom line is that it’s very difficult to find any evidence to suggest that any group of people enjoys more prosperity in a nation with a larger burden of government.

Which is why I’m still waiting for a leftist to successfully respond to my two-question challenge (and they actually only need to give an answer to one of the questions).

Another good way of determining whether markets work better than statism is to see how fast nations grow over time.

James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute shares a chart from Max Roser showing long-run changes in per-capita economic output for South Korea and Venezuela.

The amazing takeaway is that Venezuela was about three times richer than South Korea about fifty years ago, but now that ratio is almost reversed.

This is an amazing ratification of the all-important principle that sustained differences in growth have an enormous impact on a nation’s long-run prosperity.

And it shows that nations from the developing world can experience “convergence” and join the first world if they adopt good policies.

They don’t even need great policies. The key is simply to keep the burden of government at modest levels so the private sector has room to grow.

P.S. For those wondering about my juvenile title, I probably watched Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey over 100 times when my kids were young and I’m borrowing a very appropriate line from that film.

P.P.S. For those who want more information about South Korean growth, check out this comparison of that country with its northern neighbor.

P.P.P.S. And for those who want to learn more about Venezuela’s lack of growth, see how that country compares to Chile and Argentina.

This is a guest post by Dan Mitchell “a high priest of light tax small state libertarianism”
  • Robert

    Why do you not compare apples to apples? The persons in the US are no better off than those in Europe which is and has been Socialistic for at least 150 years with great success, industry thrives and the people are taken care of not taken advantage of as in the US. Health care is a right, affordable housing is a right, Necessities are price controlled so everyone can get them, I did not say wants, I said necessities. Luxury items that the working class could not afford is heavily taxed to help the less fortunate.
    These articles posted try to make you believe Socialism is Communism, no where close.
    Industry thrives in Socialistic countries and there is work and affordable education at college level, Americans are going to Europe and the Middle East in great numbers because of the educational and job opportunities. Four of my children live and work in Europe and are making more take home money than their college counter parts who live in the USA.
    Capitalism only benefits the rich who want to keep all their money and keep you at the bottom of the social pyramid so they can stay on top, the persons on top do not want to admit that the workers of the country is what put them on the top, they want you to believe that the only reason you are not on top is because you did not apply yourself.
    I have been at the top of that ladder and I did not like the people I met there, they are ot any smarter than the average honor student in high school, they just used connections to get where they are at and all the time putting down the working people who made the top position that these people are in by working for their company.
    Do your research on European Socialism and you will find that the happiest people in the world live there.

    • Mike

      To Robert:
      It’s thinking like yours that has the US in a 19 trillion dollar hole. If socialism is so great go live in one or maybe you do. Socialism is for everyone that can’t think for themselves and need to be told what to do and think. Of course you know that. You talk their talk because you can’t think on your own. You have been programed and you don’t even know it.
      Our country is going down the hole because of socialism.

      • Robert

        It appears that you have no idea what Socialism is or you would not think it as dragged us down.. I suppose that you think that the Republican Conservatives are better at keeping down the spending. If you do just take a look at this chart that is not political in any way, then tell me how Obama has put us in the whole all by him self,
        I do not see you complaining about Bush who spent more money than any other president, Adjusted for inflation Obama spent lesswhen adjusted for inflation.
        I talk the talk because I can think for myself and d not let either party do my thinking. The US is in the red because of Corruption that is embedded in the Government and will not be weeded out. The Conservatives think nothing of paying enormous prices for equipment that can be bought off the shelf for sometimes pennies on the dollar, because it goes to their friends in the business of Government Contracts, Nothing wrong with paying the prices if a republican is in the White House.
        As long as the people in power, which are controlled by therich,can keep the American People fighting among themselves so they can pick your pocket.
        I know far a fact the Socialism in Europe is much better for the working class of people than it is here..
        If you have never lived in a Socialistic Country like Norway, Sweden, Germany, England then how do you know it is so bad, their industry flourishes and the people ake as good if not better wages and take home pay than they do here. My friend retired from Ford Motor company in England and got bored so he took a job as a janitor and makes about $15.85 hourly for sweeping the hallways in a school.
        Lear about something before writing off the wall opinion, what a person thinks is not what the facts are in most cases.


    Government does not create wealth it destroys it. And that is why those people who depend solely on government for their wealth are so damn poor.VIVA CUBA.

  • rwhawk

    “If you talk to a liberal about Scandinavia, you’ll often see them make some variation of the following points:

    Scandinavian countries rank high in the UN Human Development Index
    Scandinavian countries rank among the top in various quality of life indexes
    Everyone gets free healthcare and education
    Scandinavia has low crime rates
    Scandinavia is a shining example of how successful socialism can be if implemented correctly
    Scandinavian countries rank well on happiness indexes

    If only those stupid, gun-clinging, bible-thumping, mouth-breathing, inbred, bucktoothed, ignorant, racist, backwards redneck hick republicans would just get out of the way, the left could make life fair and equal for everyone. The large-government welfare state works in Scandinavia and it would work here too!

    The problem is that the success of Scandinavian socialism is a myth. It’s false. It doesn’t work for them and it wouldn’t work for us.”

    • Robert

      I do like you analogy of something you have not experienced. If Socialism does not work in the European countries how come they have so much industry, where do the cars rated the best in the world come from, nearly every american car on the road after 1980 the transmissions were made in Europe, the most precision things are made in Japan but the next to them are made in Europe. I have lived and worked in Capitalist Europe my four children after finishing college here and could not find work in their fields are living and working in Socialist countries, Two daughters in England, one daughter in Germany, and one son in Norway, they all are making more money than their college counterparts and have more take home money after deductions. My neighbors son was 8 years in the US Navy went ot England to go to college because he could not afford to go here, he now works in England in the nuclear power industry making more money than he was offered here.
      The only thing that is holding this country back is the rich that want slaves, so that they can be on top.
      I do agree with your statement of the Bible thumping an racist in this country.

      • rwhawk

        Remove the scales from your eyes and face reality. Resolve the myths with facts. Capitalism works for wealth production, socialism only drains wealth:

        1. Scandinavia isn’t really all that socialist

        Scandinavian countries have certain socialist characteristics such as
        high taxes and extensive welfare systems. However, these countries have
        relatively capitalistic markets. Scandinavian businesses are mostly
        free from regulation, nationalization and protectionism.

        • Robert

          Scandinavia and nearly all of Europe is Democratic Socialism, that is what it is, the same thing Berne Sanders wants for this country. The fact is in those countries, medical has to be non profit with the amount the CEO’s and officers can make regulated by law, which keeps the medical costs low, Canada has the same system. Housing is affordable to all, NECESSITIES, are price controlled. The purchasing by Government has an over site board that makes sure they are getting the product for the best price available. The Local Taxes are used locally and have the same over sight. No paying $3000 for a coffee maker or $800 for a toilet seat or 200 for a hammer.
          That is the main reason that the big businesses in this country do not want this type of Government, because corruption is held to a minimum and when they do find corruption in most cases the persons go to jail plus pay large restitution for their greed. England not being on the Continent has more corruption than most all European countries put together.
          HAVE A NICE DAY

          • rwhawk

            You still have scales over your eyes. Bernie Sanders is a complete fool. Your argument is not socialism Vs fascism Vs capitalism; your argument regards religious morality. Political Correctness is the USA’s religion and it’s morality is based on pragmatism and me-ism which invites corruption. Every economic system is subject to corruption depending upon that particular nation’s religious morals and virtues. Bernie’s proposals, if enacted, are still dealing with the same moral system we have now. As our corrupt Wash DC gains more power it will become more corrupt.


          • Robert

            I watched you link on you tube an I disagree with the narrator My son a college graduate in engineering works in Norway and makes almost a third more than US companies offered after he graduated, He has less expenses even with taxes than his counterparts who reside in the US. Medical is exceptional and no co-pays or prescription cost. He as a person thinks he has more rights than he did when he lived here. In Norway the people have rights, in America the Police have rights. He has told me that the people in Norway are not judged by what they own, a person having a rented flat is just as important as a business owner. Your wealth does not give you any special treatment.
            Morality is the way a person lives their life toward others not a dictate from a religious organization. Larger Government goes with the population, the more population the more Government you have to have to represent the people. In the USA wealth corruption is number 1. Four of my 5 children live in Democratic Socialism countries 2 in England and I in Germany, and one in Norway and they seem to think they are better off than their counter parts from college, my other child suffers from sever autism and can not work.
            In the USA it is all about having great wealth, not about a standard of living, yes the chart said we had a higher standard of living but it did not say how it arrived at that conclusion. I looked at all his graphs and charts and decided you could interpret it in different ways depending on what you were trying to prove. n my opinion this individual was not looking at the whole picture with an open mind and he was just talking about Scandinavian countries when most of Europe is the same way and of course there are differences in each country.
            This gentleman was just trying to prove his point that Capitalism is the only route for the people of the US.
            HAVE GOOD DAY

          • rwhawk

            The video did say that Norway was a unique case. Ethics/morality only come from one or another religion. Everybody is religious, not every religion believes in the supernatural, however. Every civil government is grounded in one religion or another and all laws are based on the ethics of that religion.
            Capitalism is the only true route for any culture for freedom and liberty. Socialism is a killer other than for a collective which is enslavement at the very least.

          • Robert

            If Capitalism was in the USA I might agree with you but the only Capitalism that is here is Corporate Capitalism, which has the Government by the balls to not let it fail.
            So you really do believe that hose persons living in Europe and Scandinavia , have no Culture, Freedom or Liberty. if that is the case how come they are so productive and happy.
            There is little or no opportunity in the USA for a company to start and make good if there is already a company that does the same thing, once you get to be competitive they will either take you over or drive you out of business competition is not good for the Capitalist who want it all.
            Capitalism is the closest to slavery that there is in a free society, the Capitalists want to take all the money and give nothing back. Their answer is that others are to lazy yo accomplish what they have done, The whole problem with their theory is in the pyramid of live there has to be those on the bottom to make it so that there can be the one’s on top. The rich are just like the rich plantation owners, the working people made the rich rich and they seem to turn it around and say that they gave the workers a job, the whole picture is that the rich could not get rich if they did not have workers. It was the same with the plantation owners, the slaves made them rich but they wanted to give nothing back to the slaves because they were nothing.
            In Democratic Socialism at least the workers get taken care of.
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • rwhawk

            Did I ever comment that capitalism is here in the USA? It’s much closer to fascism as far as the big corporations go with a huge amount of rent seeking or rent avoidance going on, if you’ve read The Law by Fredric Bastiat.
            You’re wrong about what capitalism is, it affords the greatest amount of free there can be within a society. When it morphs into either a monopoly or fascism is when it becomes dangerous. But it requires a corrupt civil government to allow either of those two conditions to occur.
            Socialism will always morph into totalitarianism and enslavement.

          • Robert

            I agree with you on one point true Capitalism gives everyone a chance at success, from the bottom to the top. but the type of Capitalism that this thread was implying to is Corporate Capitalism, that is trying to convince the masses that Socialism that Bernie Sanders is referring to is Communism. When all Sanders wants is so that the lower tier of society gets a fair shake from the persons that got rich from the labor of the bottom class.
            Corporate Capitalism is like a MOB operation have it all but do not call it a monopoly.
            The only thing close to true Socialism is the totalitarian Governments in some parts of the world, and Communist Governments are not even close to Socialism.
            Democratic Socialism in my opinion seems to work for the working person better than any thing we presently have in operation in the world at least in Industrialized countries.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • rwhawk

            You are speaking like a Marxist and,overall, we’ve never had what you’re arguing against…..the rich getting richer on the backs of employees. The employees have also benefited from the profits and growth of companies. Perhaps your concern is really based on covetousness; the wide gap of compensation between the CEO and the average employee????

            I despise the public/private partnerships that have emerged and are emerging here in America. That system grows civil government power, breds corruption and a great distrust we now have between citizen and politican/civil bureaucrat. Bernie Sander’s proposals will be to grow our corrupt government even more powerful. Bernie is pandering to the greed of the electorate. The socialist welfare system we’ve grown in the USA has bankrupted this country as well as much of Europe. Luckily the US dollar is the reserve currency for the world at this time.

            I would suggest the “Corporate Capitalism” you disparage is actually a form of fascism where a corrupt civil government legitimizes corrupt corporate operations in a form of a partnership. Without a corrupt civil government we wouldn’t have corrupt corporations. We are back to the religious ethical values of the nation…….it is a religious moral issue, not an economic issue.

            As long as the Social Democracies (of your choice) are moral then life will be good for the enslaved collective. What do you consider Greece to be? When the politicians’ greed for power overpowers honesty or the electorate’s greed for socialist gain off the backs of taxpayers becomes a majority then things will go south ASAP. This will eventually happen due to the basic nature of man. Sweden cycled through this once and is beginning to repeat the cycle. The USA is at the bottom of that cycle now and appears for self destruction, the electorate has been too dumbed-down with government operated K-12 indoctrination centers commonly called public schools.

          • Robert

            I do not understand how you think I am talking like a Marxist.
            I have lived in a Democratic Socialist Country, England 7 years, Germany, 3 years, Norway about 20 months. My Children live and work in these countries as well, they have much more opportunity to advance, and make more take home money than their college counterparts in the same fields do in the USA, next door neighbors son works in England in the Nuclear power industry and makes more than he was offered here for the same type of work, he studied engineering in the Nuclear field in college, which he also went to in England because e could not afford the American colleges.
            You say that the workers get benefits from the rich, by being hired, that would be fine if the rich would pay their fair share of the tax burden, there are between 1% and 10% of the population that is rich, that leaves between 99% and 90% that is not rich, but they pay only between 70 to 80% of the income tax collected, there seem to be almost a 20% gay there in my calculations. I do not hate the rich, I am in the top 10%, I just do not like it that they do everything to avoid paying their fare share of the needed taxes. most of the corruption in any Government is the rich wanting it all.
            You mention Greece and there you have a most important point where corruption in the Government made many many Millionaires off of the working class and led the workers to believe that it was their fault that the Government went down. Greece had no over site like most European countries that I know anything about. I know in Germany when the Government buys any thing it has to go through channels that are made up of the average individual off the street, and the seller in some cases has to prove his product is cheaper than anyone else’s.
            I know the US Government is going to go down, but the worst part is that the people who caused it to go down will just relocate and the horrible economy will not bother them.
            The average American never questions what ever their party line of BS is.
            You are also right about the schools and every country does it so that the children when they grow up will think the way the Government want s them to think.
            Nice discussing with you but I have to leave for New Zealand in a few days and have to make some arrangements for the trip, will return in about two weeks, if I can i will read your posts
            AVE A NICE DAY

          • rwhawk

            Marxists complain about the rich “not paying their fair share”, they “got rich off the backs of their employees”, etc. These notions are built on the doctrine of social justice which is part of cultural Marxism. Unfortunately, social democracies are not too far off from cultural Marxism, they are on the far left of the spectrum with a collectivist mentality and social justice rhetoric.

            Interesting, you blame the “rich” and I blame our corrupt civil politicians and their heartless bureaucracies. The truth is, the politicians have the absolute power to invoke the Constitution and hold the influence of the “rich” at bay, but they don’t because of their own political greed for power and money. In fact, the politicians actually extort huge sums of money from the rich to pad their own pockets and campaign chests.

            The top 20% pay 84% of the income tax. The top 40% pays 97% of the income taxes while the bottom 40% actually gets money handed to them and don’t pay a dime of income tax. The middle 20% only pays less than 6% of the income taxes.

            You may want to study up on the BIS, CFR, Trilateral Commission, the UN, Comintern and Club of Rome to see what possible influences they have on the cultures of the world and how they are shaping the events to come.

            Have a safe trip and take care.

          • rwhawk


            I trust your consulting trip was profitable? I hope you’ll desire to continue our conversation.

            What do you make of the following extract comparing the Scandinavian peoples with the southern European peoples? To me it says the Scandinavians have a collectivist mindset and the SEPs have an anarchic, mindset.

            “Disbanding the EU altogether would result in fewer regulations on economic activity. And they’d be set at national levels, so they’d reflect national preferences.

            The Scandinavian countries, for example, would have much tighter regulation that everyone obeyed. In Southern Europe, they’d have regulations to which nobody paid any attention.”

            What this illustrates is two different worldviews..

          • Robert

            Yes the trip was profitable 6 figures for two weeks and all expenses paid is not that bad. That was my last, I am 79 years old and just do not have the time for the stupidity I get paid for. I am told that there are less than 100 people in the world that do the same job I do, so let the other 99 have at it.
            I see the France is having Greece problems, when will these people ever learn, you can not make decisions about today ,you have to make state decisions 10 years before they happen, and build in contingencies to take care of the unexpected. It really does boil down to the politicians looking out for themselves and not the state as a whole. I would say GREED on a personal basis.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • rwhawk


            Good to hear from you again. Welcome back.

            Wow, 6 figures in two weeks. Nice. You apparently do have a rare talent.

            We are facing the same type of actions here, even down to the state and local levels. Our Arizona legislature has failed to resolve out of control spending for a failing public education system by proposing we spend down the principle from a state trust fund over the next 10 years. Our Republican majority in the legislature don’t have the backbone to truly fix the problem but decided to kick the can down the road to let their successors deal with the growing problems. Rather than being statesmen they are politicians trying to remain in office and sustain their party majority; Greed is a good description for this.

            I am curious how you see the world’s history panning out. It appears many nations are proceeding along the same downward trajectory. Our culture is changing at an accelerated pace towards a Technocracy. I’ve been intrigued with an essay written by Prof Steven Yates entitled Piercing the Veils ( I suspect you see or perceive more of what is happening behind the fourth veil.

            God Bless

          • rwhawk

            Did I scare you off with concepts of shadow governments, etc directing history?

            But the formation of the EU and what Great Britain is facing right now to drop out or stay is a result of that type of activity. This just appeared to me today reflecting what your country is facing right now as a result of directed history, not just the CIA but also the team work of Jean Monnet and the CFR played a heavy hand in forming the EU:

            “The U.S. intelligence community was responsible for usurping Europeans’ right to self-government, in an effort to impose what Obama recently called “one of the greatest political and economic achievements of modern times.” As British voters prepare to vote on secession from the European Union super-state, the Obama administration’s bizarre intervention to support the pro-EU side has sparked a fresh examination of the shadowy origins of the controversial European regime.

            Under scrutiny is the critical backing the EU and its predecessor outfits received at every step of the way from top globalists within the U.S. government, and in particular from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its predecessor. The real goal was always what globalists called an “Atlantic Union,” and eventually, a global government. And as the Obama-backed U.S.-EU merger known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) moves forward, that remains the case today, just under a new name and new marketing slogans….

            U.K. Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a seemingly establishment-minded journalist who occasionally veers into the truth about what happens behind the scenes. Referring to the “shattering intervention” of the Obama administration in the British Exit (Brexit) debate on the EU, the columnist noted that the supranational regime “always was an American project.” “It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations,” he explained, citing official documents and other sources.”
            God Bless

          • Robert

            No you did not scare me off I have been quite busy since my return, I will be back to you in a few day, you are a very good debater opponent.
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • Robert

            I have been quite busy on about 20 points of the compass, hardly time to turn around let alone read, I did read you blog this morning and I think in some points the Eu was a good thing and in some points it pissed off a lot of the people, persons in separate countries felt it took their austerity away and they had no say in their Government, I spoke with my daughter who live in England last evening and the main reason at least in the area’s they live in is that the people do not want the mainly Poles coming in and providing cheap labor and the Roma’s coming and exploiting their Social Services, but England has no say so because of the open border police of the European Union.
            One of the strong points back when the EU was first being formed was that they could not control the borders so it would be best to open them and control the people, which I think we both know, People can not be controlled because they change like the weather in West Texas. I was in the intelligence community in England in the 70s and we were forbidden to do work incountry unless requested. I was mid range but I think I would have heard the ground swell if something was going on.
            The EU was a dream even before WWII, after wwii it came into existence because each country needed the help from other countries. at the time they still kept their own austerity and money, then around 2000 there was a major move to have one money, most countries resisted but finally fell in line. England still has the Pound Sterling as its major money. I do not think from my input that I have that England will vote to get out, they will use that as a bargaining chip to get more border security control by England, most like the unregulated travel to Europe, and the cheaper European products that are there for them to buy. The vote will be just like Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, a lot of hype but was never going to happen, to much money involved with the British Government, just consider most of the oil rigs would be in Scotland and England would not get the US money for the bases there.
            I do not see where there any covert money in the European reconstruction act, Europe needed to be rebuilt after the war and the US Government in conjunction with the European Countries rebuilt it. Then gave it all to the rich who fled Europe to avoid the war, the rich in most cases were the war profiteers.
            Well I am back
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • rwhawk

            Sorry for the delay. My mother went into the hospital and had emergency surgery 10 days ago. Her recovery is slow and my wife and I are spending many hours in the hospital with her. We celebrated her 95th birthday with her today.
            I assume that when you use the word austerity you mean sovereignty.
            The development of the EU hinges on worldview. I agree it was a dream before WWII, but that dream was built upon a worldview by like minded individuals. From what I have been able to construct, the EU is a product of secular humanism. The individual is forsaken for the collective, statism and centralized power increases at the expense of true free enterprise and individual liberties.

            The CFR had a heavy hand at forming the EU and initiated a similar movement for the North American Union in 2005. Our alternative press in the US exposed this agenda and caused the efforts to be scuttled. The sales pitch for intra-regional program was security and prosperity due to our current ‘War on Terrorism.’
            The further government gets from the people, via centralization, the easier it becomes corrupt. We’ve experienced this in the US with the FDR administration where Wash DC was allowed to assume more authority than our Constitution allowed and grew into a monster. President Eisenhower in his farewells address warned Americans about the powerful military-industrial complex. Unfortunately, it has only gotten worse.
            Do you see the UN gaining more power to become the powerful global government? All civilized countries have adopted the UN’s World Core education curriculum to create the international citizen while the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam and Agenda 2030 sustainability are attempting to coordinate a unified global program and wealth transfer at the expense of national sovereignty.
            God Bless

          • Robert

            I do hope your mother gets well soon and the best to her,
            I do tend to agree to a point with you analogy and disagree also. The action FDR took were what was best for this country, and held the country and the bankers in check for a multitude of years until the regulations were removed and then we had another dip, and after the last regulations were removed the Housing Bubble, with out the constraints put in place by FDR, most in this country would be no more than slaves to the rich, by the way did not get there because they are smarter they got there by connections. Good example is Bill Gates, came from a at the time wealthy family with connections and was making boxes to steal from the phone company when he hear about the gentleman who had come up with a so called Dirty Operating System, went and talked the person who had been trying for almost 2 years to get someone to develop it for him because of he did not have any money, the next thing we know is Bill Gates is selling his system and IBM wants the platform, if it were not for Bill Gates connections through his rich father , who was a corporate lawyer, the gentleman that truly invented the system would have had it on the market. If was not true IBM would have kept him in court forever and reverse engineering the idea, Mark Zukenburg, stole the Facebook idea from a college person and marketed it as his own, is the type of societyyou are saying we should have, where only the rich and well connected have anyhing.
            You may not accept that the countries in Europe and some other parts of the world are Socialist but the world as a whole does and all those countries are on a much better footng than we are, the countries with the best health care are all Socialistic, we are number 37 on the list but spend more per capita than two other put together, the countries with the best education systems are Capitalist, the countries with the best financial rating are Capitalist, the country with the happiest people are capitalist the country where the populus have the most say in Government are Capitalist, the countries with the highest number of Christians are Capitalist.
            In any society there is wealth transfer even in a family, it transferred from me to my children so that they could go to college, why should it be any different in Government, those that need help should get it from the ones who can afford to give it. I give away nearly $1 million yearly to the needy and I do not have the money corporate America gets as Corporate welfare from my tax dollars, Corporate America, in 2015 16,000 Corporations received more than twice as much money as 64 million Social Recipients. The people you seem to be against are the one’s that made this country great the ordinary working man, who was Soldier, worker, statesman,the backbone ofsociety, while the rich sat and collected themoneyua sd tried to keep it away from the ones who made it all possible.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY
            The European Union is and was a good thing just as the Uniting of the States was a good thing.

          • rwhawk


            Thanks for your comment about Mom. She has contracted c-diff during her ordeal and we are very concerned about her recovery now. Thank you for your generosity to help the poor. That is how society should operate with voluntary efforts of individuals Vs coercion of taxation.

            Each worldview produces a different concept of what is good and what is bad compared with the other worldviews. I don’t agree that the forming of the EU was good both in the manner it was done and with the final goal for a one world order which is where this globalism is headed based on the writings from the CFR, BIS, Trilateral Commission, Fabians, Comintern, the UN, etc.

            America was founded on a Christian worldview as supported by our Declaration of Independence and the original intent of the Constitution. This foundation rests on individualism (Vs collectivism), self-government affording maximum freedoms and liberties with a civil government of enumerated and limited powers to protect life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. This system worked well until the beginning of the 1900s when secular humanism crept into the institutions. Things began going to hell in a hand-basket rather rapidly. We’ve now entered an era of cultural Marxism. I agree that uniting the American states was a good thing in the beginning but we are now suffering the ravages of Lord Acton’s aphorism: power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. From what I have read the people in Europe are feeling the same concerns.

            Once the Constitution was unhinged from its solid moorings and treated as a living, breathing document foundering in the world of arbitrary interpretation did our Federal government begin turning into an ever expanding tyrant unleashing the evil nature of man, both in the politician and the corporatist. Capitalism was decimated by a combination of socialism and fascism, the third way, public/private partnerships, etc. Woodrow Wilson, Hoover and FDR put the USA solidly on this path to this nation’s peril.

            I apologize if I have mislead you about what I represent. I despise both corporate welfare as well as Federal government welfare (social engineering) for the poor. Both are unconstitutional and force an onerous tax burden on the average working man depriving him of his liberties, hard earned property and limiting his pursuit of happiness. There is very little sovereignty left in the individual states as well. Both forms of welfare also grows more corruption within our civil government, corporations and the irresponsible citizen. The Christian worldview offers a completely different social order with minimal corruption.

            Have you read Fredric Bastiat’s The Law?

            God Bless

          • Robert

            I am getting ready to board and I wanted to leave one quick note because I will be so busy with Business, I am 79 years old and act as an advisor to thew company I assist, for a monetary sum I should say.
            My last remark should have included, the our country is no longer Democratic it has been an Oligarchy, government, since Regan was President, it was someways that way before but it totally turned through laws he got passed.
            Got to go, they want to talk business.
            you are a very informed person.

          • rwhawk

            Robert, Thank you for the complement. We are a Technocracy founded on some combination of oligarchy and plutocracy. Our election process is only a bread and circus show to keep the citizens preoccupied with entertainment. Either way is a totalitarian system. Intrusion into our daily lives by all powerful, untouchable, cold-hearted technocrats found in the countless agencies of the federal and state governments have created Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World combined with George Orwell’s 1984 for us. All indications are we’ll be joined into a new world order when the next worldwide financial crisis hits. Hope you consulting trip was successful. I’m only 66 years old and teach religious worldviews.

          • Robert

            I am Robert’s son he is away but sent everything to me in case something important comes up. I have my own issues on the blogs going. I am sure he will reply when he returns, my dad is 79 years old and will not slow down he is adviser for 3 different multinational companies. He will return on May 17 he said.

          • rwhawk

            Thank you for the response, son of Robert. I admire your father’s sustaining energy. Hope you have a great day.

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