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Man burns Republican registration in response to Cruz Colorado win


Leaders of the Colorado Republican Party did not want their state’s 34 delegates bound to a single candidate heading into the Republican National Convention in July, so last August party leaders made the controversial decision to cancel the GOP presidential straw poll at the state’s 2016 caucus, thus putting the electing power in the hands of party activists and insiders.

Seemingly as a result of that decision, Ted Cruz walked away with all of Colorado’s 34 (unbound) delegates on Sunday. It angered Trump and his supporters so much that one man even burned his Republican registration:

The reality is that Trump wrote off Colorado a long time ago, and Cruz worked around the new rules — controversial or not — to win those delegates fair and square.

  • John Chism

    People. General Elections are important. The Popular Vote overrides the Electoral College Vote. That Delegates are the Electoral College Vote means nothing IF the Popular Vote is Bigger for one candidate over the others. Trump is running as the Republican and if you’re voting for Trump you need to Vote for him if you want him. Check your State General Elections Voting Rules. If you have to do a “Write In” it still counts in the General Election under the Popular Vote.

    • A_patriot

      I don’t know where you got this notion, but the Electoral College trumps (pardon the pun) the Popular Vote. There’s a reason our system was designed this way. The Founders wanted to make sure that States with a smaller population wouldn’t effectively get left out of the process. Think about how large cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and a few others are, in population alone. Were it left to the popular vote, these cities would be calling the shots. So, the Electoral College is what defines the winner. Gore tried to take the matter to court, because he held the Popular Vote, whereas George W. Bush held the Electoral count. Bush won.

      • John Chism

        Have you noticed that a large part of our population don’t even know the process? They just react. On another site I’m getting up votes for a similar comment. It’s telling me just how people think and they think this is a Democracy, not a Republic. You’re the first one to actually point it out why the process is what it is. It makes me look foolish. But it gets the people to look it up. Thinking they can do it. I’ve tried other ways without much luck. But the majority of people are mad at the process too. The “Rules” are not fair and they do disenfranchise lot’s of people. I think changes need to be made. Just how and what needs to be determined.

        • Sicklesteel

          …some of us who have been following you awhile out here don’t think you look foolish at all John. You have educated me on a number of different topics over the last six months or so since I first came across your posts.

          You are very well informed my man. The extent of your knowledge has impressed me if no other. All the best to you my friend……

  • Bud William

    All I have to add is, I will vote Democratic for the First Time In My Life if the Rep. Establishment screws either Trump or Cruz. Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it. Enough of Establishment BS people who do not go to the polls and VOTE

    • 2T3onefive

      Bud, voting democratic or not voting at all is exactly what “they” wants us to do… don’t. That is exactly what happened in 2008 and we ended up with the imbecile in the White House. Your frustration is understandable as so many of us feel deeply betrayed by the republican “establishment”, who are nothing more than worthless trash in government, sad but true. I myself have been republican all my life but lately, I feel so embarrassed by them that I “dumped” the GOP and became independent. God bless you friend and hang in there, choose well and vote for who you know and feel in your heart is the best for the WH, and remember, never, never give up.

      • Bud William

        I agree with what you have said. In 240 years our government has become a cesspool of corrupt people both sides. 20 Trillion in debt. I am going to leave the party and go independent. Today I think Politicians make Used Car Salesmen look pretty good. At least a used car salesman is not
        f’n up the country. Just be sure to buy new and that fixes that problem.

  • A_patriot

    I’ve already got one foot out of the door, GOP. Screw this up and I’m out. I’ll register as Independent.

  • Neal

    The Republican Ruling Class has destroyed their party. They would rather back losers than winners. It makes you wonder how George W. Bush got elected. By accident?

    • believe

      NO, TRUTH.? THE ILLUMINATI Has been choosing our PRESIDENTS. we HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. LOOK at the site above.
      I promise a lot of research went into getting this info. they can’t bury every thing for to long. the truth about Obama will come to the surfice also. TIME, TIME ,TIME. took 30 years for the TRUTH to come out about the Bush’s andfothers in our Government.

  • Lon

    Remember, the establishment does not care who wins. They still get to keep all their perks. Trump knows exactly how things are done, especially having to do deals all over the world and in NYC. They are petrified that he will cut their gravy off because he will force them to do deals that benefit the country ” OR Else” the perks go.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    As WND reported the Drudge Report explains:
    The delegate selection process in Colorado is complicated.
    The Cortez Journal reported: “Cruz had 17 bound delegates ahead of the Republican state convention.
    Another four delegates are unpledged but publicly expressed support for the candidate, who hopes to curb momentum seen by front-runner Donald Trump.
    “Cruz declared victory in Colorado, pointing out that he won all 21 delegates from the state’s seven congressional assemblies. Another 13 delegates were awarded at the state convention on Saturday. An
    additional three delegates in Colorado’s 37-member national delegation are unpledged party leaders.”

    It would be nice if everyone understood all the states rules, but we don’t. It would be even better if grown adults would act in a mature manner and curtail the whining, name calling, and finger pointing. Good grief! How about putting forth a concerted effort to act in a dignified presidential manner instead of a street thug, playground bully, spoiled rich brat, or a ranting, pouting, sore loser. This is all becoming quite tiresome.


    • Papa Tich

      You are right that we don’t all understand how each of the states manages their delegates and voting process for the primaries. The Democrats have “super delegates” and the Republicans have “unbound” delegates… very much the same in my opinion. Both are hand selected by the establishment and all to often their vote is up to the highest bidder. Neither are forced in any way shape or plan to follow the will of the voter and free to cast their delegate vote in any manner they choose. To me this opens the door to more delegate manipulation by both the establishment and those with coins. None of which I’m very fond of.
      To me, the whole primary and this election year has been tiresome for quite some time and not looking pretty…

      • BonLovesFreedom

        Hi there Papa! Thanks for your response. I feel honored! It seems to me the process should be the same in every state to make it ‘fair’, and what the heck is wrong with whoever receives the most state votes in the entire country then becomes the nominee. Our government has become so convoluted that it’s impossible to comprehend all it entails, imo. Money, manipulation and power is the name of the game. Corruption is rampant. It is ALL tiresome, disgusting and disgraceful to me.
        Take care Papa & have a good rest of the week, my friend.

        • Papa Tich

          No… lol… the honor is mine to have so many good folks like you My Lady Bonnie that has the interest and the time to read through my ramblings not to mention to do me the additional honor of following me… ;^)
          And I wish I had more time to write/reply to y’all too!
          Absolute power absolutely corrupts and our government has too much power, and therefore has become too corrupt.
          Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!!

          • BonLovesFreedom

            LOL…okay Papa! Thank you for your kind words. Your “ramblings” are worthy of reading…every one of them!
            Hope you have a great weekend as well, Papa! Take care.

          • Craig Tarter

            It seems you have an eye for total babes! Her posts are only boring inasmuch as I don’t have to drop acid to verify ’em.

  • believe

    You haven’t figured it out by NOW. It doesn’t make a difference 65% of our government are members of the ILLUMINATI SOCIETY. HARD to believe were have been BETRAYED by our own GOVERNMENT, BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS.
    AMERICA HERE THE TRUTH.,, STOP TALKING AND GET THE TRUTH. GO HERE FOR STARTERS. they don’t want the truth to come out. You Tube Type in,
    write the site down in CASE IT GETS ERASED.. http://rense.com/general58/suspre.htm

  • believe


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