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Video: Ted Cruz discusses the election with ‘Donald Trump’ on Jimmy Fallon


Ted Cruz appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night and discussed the election with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, as portrayed by Fallon:

“Congratulations, you’ve just been called by Donald Trump,” Fallon says when Cruz answers the call. “Are you watching the Democratic debate?”

“Nope, I’m watching ‘The Princess Bride’ for 843rd time,” Cruz responds.

The ersatz real estate mogul offers some advice on Cruz’s “Tonight Show” appearance before the Texas senator explains how he won all 34 of the delegates in Colorado, which held an unusual party conference without a full vote.

“You know what I think? I think the people of Colorado did vote, but they were so high they completely forgot,” Fallon says. “And let’s face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me, so basically I won Colorado.”

The skit also brought up Cruz’s “New York values” remark, and the fake Trump advised him to start writing down the advice. Cruz responded by pouring a drink.

“Last question: Why do you think you should be the GOP nominee?” Fallon asks.

“Well listen, from the very beginning, we’ve run a positive campaign,” Cruz responds. “And even though it’s taken a while, I firmly believe that we have unified the GOP.”

“So have I,” Fallon says. “It just so happens that I unified them against me. But I still unified them. That counts, OK?”

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