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RNC: Trump needs 1,237 delegates to win nomination


trumpLast week, RNC Rules Committee member Randy Evans said, “If Donald Trump exceeds 1,100 votes, he will become the nominee even though he may not have 1,237.” However, RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer pushed back against that statement on Monday; if Trump wants the nomination, he will need to win 1,237 delegates:

RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer told MSNBC that no candidate should be handed the nomination if they do not garner the requisite number of delegates, saying “close” doesn’t cut it and that “it’s not horseshoes.” Spicer was reacting to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which showed that 62 percent of GOP primary voters believe the nominee should be the candidate with the most votes rather than the “best party standard-bearer.”

“A majority of delegates decide the nominee. A majority of delegates will decide the rules, they’ll decide the platform. That’s how it works. It’s not horseshoes,” Spicer told host Andrea Mitchell. “You don’t get to get close, you have to get a majority, you have to get 1,237 [delegates] to become the nominee of our party.”

This is something that shouldn’t have been up for debate in the first place. The rules are that a simple majority is needed, period. It doesn’t mean that Trump won’t be the nominee; it just means that the vote will likely go to a second ballot, as it should without a majority.

  • Regardless of number of delegates any one candidate receives in the primaries and caucuses, the electorate will not stand for the RNC foisting a candidate of their choice onto the Party in place of one favored by the majority of voters. I, personally, choose Cruz. But, if Trump receives the majority of the votes in the primaries and caucuses, I will not tolerate the appointment by the RNC of Kasich, Bush, Romney or any other as nominee not voted for by the electorate. This is not yet, and I pray, never will be a Communist country.

    • Patricia A Galle

      The rules that have been in place since 1880 will not change, because Trump whines. To automatically win the nomination, you must have a true majority, which is 50% plus 1. A popular majority is not the same. This year a true majority is 1,237, and even if you arrive with 1,236; you do not automatically win. Everyone running knew the rules before they started. It is rare for this to happen. The first ballot will then be cast, with each delegate voting the way his votes are pledged. This could include any or all 17 candidates. If no one gets 2,347, then a second ballot is cast which some delegates will not be pledged. Abraham Lincoln arrived at the convention with 22% of the vote, and he won on the third ballot. It is not supposed to be easy to win this job. It requires a lot of hard work, and the intelligence to understand that each state has its own primary process. This will not change, because one man is too lazy to do the work and whines. He chose to run in this party, after a life time spent as a Democrat. He is here to divide our party and get Hillary elected.

      • It being clear that John Kasich hasn’t enough delegates to entertain the notion he would receive the nomination, it would behoove him to withdraw his candidacy as have other non-viable candidates. For the RNC to entertain the option of introducing as a candidate anyone who has yet to enter the competition would be unethical, to say the least. I must agree, Trump is probably a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yet, the RNC has been hostile to the Cruz campaign from its inception, leaning heavily toward RINO candidates. If the RNC does not recognize the people are sick and tired of the left leaning direction many in the Party leadership are taking, it is time to change the Party leadership and remove from the Party registry all who have chosen to align with the left. The cost of further compromise in the relinquishment of constitutional rights is much to high a price and will only lead us into enslavement by an all too powerful government.

        • Patricia A Galle

          I agree with you on Kasich. I don’t know why he stays in the race either, but he has the right to do so. His idea of a miracle occurring that will even get him nominated is ridiculous this year. We have to stay with our rules that have been in place since 1880. They not seem perfect to some, because you have to have some intelligence, and do some hard work to be nominated. This year is more crucial to us and our children than any since Ronald Reagan’s. He did not have a true majority, when he arrived at the convention, but thank God for hard rules, he reached a true majority and won. If we end up with a man as unqualified and inept as Trump, our country will not survive. We need a brilliant constitutionalist at this time more than ever. We are in danger if losing all of our rights, and becoming a nanny state. Trump is in no way able to juggle as many real emergencies as we are facing now.

          • I can agree with all you say here. I, simply, and neither do any true Americans, want a nominee shoved down our collective throat by a “leadership” that is out of touch with the reality that is the destruction of America.

  • Standuprightnow

    sounds like its time to switch to the Tea Party after 50+ years as a Republican

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    If Trump does not get the 1,237 counts, but he has the highest among the 3 candidates, GOP must nominate Trump.
    That is the will of the people. if not I think GOP IS DESTROYING ITS OWN NEST EGG.

    • Upaces

      I keep reading that Cruz keeps STEALING Trump’s numbers.

      This is a real turn around. Texas was for Cruz.​ Texas turns tor Trump Campaign Update & Delegate Info

      Donald Trump is leading in the polls nationally and in upcoming primary states. We have more votes, more delegates than any other candidate, and are continuing to grow our campaign to focus on policy and secure the nomination.

  • John

    The key to this nomination is why is the RNC is allowing to let Kasich continue to run? Kasich was eliminated from the 1237 number of delegates long ago. He only had one state, his home state Ohio, and that’s it. He should definitely be eliminated from any contention under any circumstances. The republican committee is more or less encouraging a deadlock by allowing him to run. The RNC is the crew that is potentially creating violence. Without Kasich, I think the American VOTERS will be able to select a winner with the 1237 necessary. I will write in my vote for whichever candidate is the highest, meaning Trump or Cruz. I don’t care who the RNC thinks should get the nomination!

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