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Here’s how New York’s delegate rules work


1280px-Donald_Trump_Signs_The_Pledge_06New Yorkers head to the polls Tuesday, and Donald Trump is expected to easily win his home state. However, if Ted Cruz and John Kasich can hold him under 50 percent, his delegate prize won’t be as large as he hopes. Here’s a guide to the Empire State’s somewhat complicated delegate rules.

First of all, New York is not a simple winner-take-all state:

In both party primaries, most of the delegates will be decided based on the votes in New York’s 27 congressional districts. Including the delegates awarded by the statewide vote, it’s almost like 28 small, separate primaries instead of one big state prize.

Here’s how the Republican side of things shakes out:

Total delegates: 95 — 8 percent of the delegates required to clinch the GOP nomination.

At-large delegates: 11. Proportional distribution. If a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the statewide vote, they win all 11 at-large delegates plus the three RNC delegates. Candidates must get at least 20 percent statewide to win any at-large delegates.

Congressional district delegates: 81. Proportional distribution. New York has 27 congressional districts. Each district gets three delegates. If a candidate gets more than 50 percent in a district, he gets all three delegates. Otherwise, the leading candidate gets two delegates and the runner-up gets one.

In every state and territory, three of the total delegates are RNC delegates: The national committeeman, the national committeewoman and the chairman of the state party. These delegates are tied to a specific candidate, they are not allowed to choose whomever they want like superdelegates can on the Democratic side. In New York, they will be allocated according to the statewide vote.

According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump currently has a 53.1 percent lead in New York, meaning he should have no problem winning all 11 at-large delegates. But we’ll have to watch the districts separately to see how many total delegates he’ll win.

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