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Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m not a natural politician’


Clinton-Truth-600-LI1Hillary Clinton’s cluelessness was on display in full force during a town hall Thursday morning when a voter asked her about her difficulties getting people to trust her. According to Clinton, she only comes off as untrustworthy because she’s “not a natural politician“:

“I have a 20-year-old brother who says that he supports Bernie [Sanders] because he doesn’t trust you. What would you say to change his mind?” a 27-year-old Democratic voter asked the former secretary of state.

“Here’s what I would like to say to your brother or to anyone who has that concern: I work really hard to do whatever job I’m given to do,” Clinton responded.

The two-time presidential candidate, who’s spent four decades in politics, then added, “I know I’m not a natural politician and … sometimes it is more difficult to navigate through the politics and the campaigning than I wish it were.”

She continued, “I served for eight years as a senator from New York. The people here trusted me — they voted for me twice and then again in the primary. So I think it’s a difference between the give and take of politics because for whatever reason I do attract a lot of attacks.”

You read that correctly. In the same breath, Clinton both said she’s “not a natural politician” and reminded everyone that she was on the Senate for eight years. After that, she served as secretary of state. And prior to both of those things, she was the First Lady of Arkansas and subsequently of the United States of America.

For someone who’s “not a natural politician,” she sure has been in politics a long time.

Clearly, Clinton just doesn’t get it. She’s untrustworthy because she’s aloof and clueless, among myriad other reasons. But Americans also just don’t want another Clinton in the White House.

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