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Kasich opposed to DC statehood because it would give more votes to Democrats


o-JOHN-KASICH-facebookWashington, D.C. is one of the most liberal cities in America, so it’s safe to assume that, if residents were permitted to vote, they would vote Democratic. Which is apparently exactly why Republican presidential candidate John Kasich opposes D.C. statehood:

During a meeting with the Washington Post editorial board, Kasich was asked about his vote against statehood for the District while he was in Congress and whether that was still his position.

“Yes, I would say it probably is,” he said, according to a transcript of the meeting.

Pressed further, Kasich said, “I just don’t see that we really need that, OK? I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Post editor Jo-Ann Armao followed up by asking why D.C. residents shouldn’t have a vote in Congress if they pay taxes and serve in the military.

“What it really gets down to, if you want to be honest, is because they know that’s just more votes in the Democratic Party,” Kasich said.

Later in the interview, Kasich said he was unsure about his stance on the issue, telling columnist Ruth Marcus, “Maybe I’ll have to flip-flop my position, OK?  I don’t know. Let me look at it. Let me think about it.”

Admitting that you want to deny the votes of people with different views than you is hardly recommended. Kasich definitely could have approached this issue with a bit more finesse.

  • Charlie

    Washington District of Columbia is a small area and the larger area of the city lies within three states PA , VA , MD . Therefore what is the intent taking land from three states to form the state of Washington D.C. ? Seems to be yet another socialist big government type of ploy to increase the power value of a centralized government . Perhaps the thought of making Wash. D.C. is just one that the elite assume that most Americans are so ignorant that the reality that three states intersect with maybe ten acres originally set aside for the original buildings & grounds . The rest of Wash. D.C. belongs to the three states PA ,VA , MD . . It would be a very small state if land was not taken from each of the three states , heck it would be smaller than most rural towns .

    • Stever

      Liberals on the march, never satisfied. So leave the capitol, on its own property, and disect the rest to its respective states,Pa, Va and Md.. Stephanie’s comment is right on,”it was founded as the District of Columbia! You socialists, staters and Alinskyite’s, get a grip your 8 years of destruction is coming to an end.


    Considering that the bulk of full time Washington residence are Black, I would have to label Kasich as just another Rightwing Racist Bigot who, like earlier slave owners, just want to maintain full control! over their lives !

    • you are nothing but a leftist race baitor. get a life.

    • JeF

      Big Govt Bad _ Small Govt Better _ Limited Govt- BEST!

  • it was founded as the DISTRICT of columbia. you want to vote?? move to maryland or virginia! get out of D.C.

  • Stever

    Liberals bring up a controversial subject and all it takes is one conservative logical reply and they draw out their race baiting card protest. With a president that is known by his very actions as a racial bigot and baiter, who is quick to jump into a fray, not knowing the facts and later eating crow, for opening mouth early, inserting foot and losing face. Its non-ending what the left will produce to create chaos, a important Alinsky rule for Radicals.

  • Gary Smith

    Kasich likes common core which is a bad system

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