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Live from the Capitol – The ACU 2015 Ratings of Congress


Rep. Dave Brat & ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp

As it does each year, the American Conservative Union (the hosts of CPAC where we live blog each year) researched and selected a range of bills before Congress that determine a member’s adherence to conservative principles. They selected bills that focus on Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of the “three-legged stool”:
1) fiscal and economic: taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare, and property;
2) social and cultural: 2nd amendment, religion, life, welfare, and education; and,
3) preserving our nation’s security by maintaining a strong national defense.

The wide range of issues covered are designed to give citizens an accurate assessment of how Members of Congress best defend the principles of a free society: Life, Liberty and Property.

The votes selected by the ACU are not always considered the “most important” votes as defined by others; instead the votes they score help reflect the ideological distinction among our elected officials.

You can download your own copy here, or read it below.

You’ll see that Congressman Dave Brat, (pictured here with Matt Schlepp, Chairman of ACU) the defector of Eric Cantor in his home primary, picked up an Award for Excellence with a perfect ACU ranking of 100.

And last night we were there to see some of the recipients collect their awards, check out the photos below.

ACU 2015 Ratings of Congress

Photo Gallery

Diane Black

Congresswoman Diane Black

Rep. Jackie Walorski

Rep. Jackie Walorski

ACU Rankings

The Award Winners 2015

Rep. Will Hurd TX

Congressman Will Hurd


Congressman Mark Sanford

Congressman Mark Sanford

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