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Survey: 86% of campaign reporters believe Clinton will be next president


14-hillary-clintonA survey conducted by Politico found that an overwhelming majority of campaign reporters believe Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. From the Washington Examiner:

The survey, published Wednesday night and conducted by Politico, asked 80 reporters covering the campaign, “Knowing what you know now, who do you think will be the next president?”

Among those surveyed, 86 percent said Clinton. Just 10 percent named Republican front-runner Donald Trump and only 1 percent named his nearest rival for the nomination, Ted Cruz.

Interestingly, 36 percent said they didn’t plan on voting, while another 31 percent said they weren’t sure who they would vote for. Of those voting, most (12 percent) said they would cast ballots for Clinton.

As for Donald Trump and his infamously testy relationship with the media, 39 percent of respondents said they think the media’s coverage of him has been biased in his favor, while 23 percent think it’s been biased against him and 38 percent think it hasn’t been biased at all.

View an infographic of the survey here.

  • spintreebob

    Since the truth is that none of us know who the next president will be, it is rather arrogant of the media to think that they know what none of us know. Mathematically it is easier to predict the next world series winner, the next superbowl winner, the next Kentucky Derby winner than the next President. And the media are not known for their mathematical ability.

    • RLTMLT

      I like posters that recycle their posts, especially when they are excellent posts !


    Given the destruction wrought by the Clintons over the past twenty four years, one can only wonder why the Liberal wing of the Democrat Party continues to support that label ! Possibly because their party leadership successfully ousted the only other choice who touted his love of Socialism ! Now that respected members of the Republican party have successfully eliminated Lucifer, the only legitiment candidate remaining is the Donald ! Given the ongoing collapse of our country, the American People understand that it’s way past time to end politics as usual and go with a Washington outsider !

    • Patricia A Galle

      You don’t end politics as usual by supporting a 70 year old life long liberal Democrat pretending to be a conservative Republican . He is as in politics as you can get. He has donated to both sides to grease the skids ( his words, not mine), so when he made a deal he government support. That is what the corrupt establishment is. He has donated huge amounts to Hillary as well. Now he is trying to destroy our only hope for America, Ted Cruz and ruin our party yelling its rigged. It is not rigged! He is too stupid to read rules or follow them. He cannot beat Hillary, every poll proves this. He has lost 80% of the women’s vote, absolutely; and women all vote. He is an old con man with orange skin and a butt ugly face, and a worse egomaniac than Obama. He is as of today 80% unfavorable overall.

      • daanerud


        So it is Trump who failed to read the rules and him alone.

        What about the 300,000, plus supporters who were thrown to the wind by the RNC rules.
        RNC arrogant fools, just lost these votes come November.

  • DPM

    Lately the polls have been severely flawed. The reporters answered what they would want to happen not what they believe will happen. This is just another way for the liberal press to try and influence the way people will vote.

  • LandMinesOTB

    Of course it will be billary. Expect rampant cheating, illegal mexican voters, buying votes from homeless people for the price of a beer, dead people voting, convicted felons voting – even while they’re still in prison. Expect the legal voting age to drop to 16 in some blue states just before the general election. Expect a whole lot of votes from military overseas to be lost in transit. Expect a lot of promises of amnesty and freer borders and more free stuff for those who choose to suck off the American taxpayers. Expect a lot of voter intimidation by skeavey left-wing black-lives-matter thugs. Expect our enemies to keep pumping money into the election for billary. They can’t lose. Foregone conclusion.

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