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Cruz calls Trump a ‘pathological liar’ ahead of Indiana primary


ted-cruz-white-house-has-been-smoking-something-if-they-think-people-want-obamas-immigration-orderTuesday’s Indiana primary is do-or-die for Ted Cruz, and the Texas senator warned Hoosier voters that a Donald Trump victory could have dire ramifications:

Ted Cruz laid into Donald Trump with his most personal and toughest criticism since the GOP presidential campaign began, calling him a “pathological liar” on Tuesday who doesn’t understand the difference between the truth and lies.

Cruz prefaced his comments by saying that for the first time, he wanted to say exactly what he thought of Trump after the front-runner suggested Cruz’s father might have had something to do with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Texas senator accused Trump of being both disingenuous and self-aggrandizing, saying Trump was a “narcissist” at a level “I don’t think this country has ever seen.”

“Donald Trump is such a narcissist that Barack Obama looks at him and says, ‘Dude, what’s your problem?’ ” Cruz said.

“Whatever lie he’s telling, in that minute he believes it, Cruz added. “But the man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him.”


“If Indiana does not act, this country could plunge into the abyss,” he said.

He dug into Trump’s past as a Manhattan playboy, savaging Trump for bragging about his infidelities.

“Donald Trump is a serial philanderer and he boasts about it,” Cruz said. “This is not a secret, he’s proud of being a serial philander. I want everyone to think about your teenage kids. The president of the United States talks about how great it is to commit adultery. How proud he is, describes his battle with venereal disease as his own personal Vietnam. That’s a quote from the Howard Stern show.

“Do you want to spend the next five years with your kids bragging about infidelity?”

Cruz’s tirade could indicate that he’s grasping at straws. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump is leading Cruz in Indiana 42.8 percent to 32 percent. Polls close at 7 p.m. EST.

  • Bud William

    Funny, just another topic that Cruz has copied from Trump.

  • parthia

    This IDIOT is angry because of the guy on television that gave Cruz a hard time. The man was so “for”
    Trump that it angered cruz to the point of exploding, but not on TV. He could’t lose his “Angelic Cool” in front of his stupid followers who can’t see through his lying, sneaking, personality. He is a Major FAKE, God forbid he makes it to the White House!!! Trump HAS to win, he is our ONLY Chance.

  • Robert Trebes

    I am puzzled as to why Mr. Cruz is accusing Mr. Trump of being a ‘Liar’ , well Mr. Cruz, you may be a Liar too!…I have seen you on TV more than once stating that you will defend and uphold the US Constitution, yet you refuse to uphold several US Supreme Court decisions that have ‘Defined’ a ‘Natural Born Citizen’…I believe you are either a sub-standard attorney as you are unable to grasp the ‘Legal’ definition of a ‘Natural Born Citizen’, or you have decided to ignore that requirement to be the President of the United States… All U.S. Presidents & Eligibility: Grandfather Clause, Natural Born Citizen Clause, or Seated by Fraud

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) best explains the categories of citizenship according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution. They are:

    Original Citizen ‘Grandfather’ Clause (GFC)

    Natural Born Citizen Clause (NBC) The Natural Born Citizenship (NBC) clause status, per natural law and the law of nations, and relevant U.S. Supreme Court rulings, such as Venus (1814), Minor v Happersett (1875), and Perkins v Elg (1939), is determined by whether or not both parents were Citizens of the United States (via birth or naturalization) at the time of the birth of their child in the USA– (not where the parents were born.) Both parents must be U.S. Citizens when their child is born in America for the child to be a “natural born Citizen.” It is important to note that until recent times foreign born women gained naturalized status upon marrying a U.S. Citizen husband or upon the naturalization of the husband under the legal concept of citizenship fusion in a marriage. The Citizenship of the wife was always legally fused to that of her husband until more recent times.

    If neither of the above, Kerchner argues the person occupying the White House is Seated by fraud.

    Kerchner writes:

    “The natural born Citizen clause was placed in the U.S. Constitution in regards to eligibility for President by the founders of our nation and framers of our Constitution specifically to bar persons in the future with foreign influence and foreign citizenship on them at/by birth from ever becoming the Commander-in-Chief of our military after the founding generation had passed away. It was placed in the Constitution for future national security reasons. (Reasons we see materializing today with Obama.) The founding generation was exempt from the natural born Citizen clause in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. The natural born Citizen clause only applied to future generations of those who would be President upon the passing of the founding generation. These facts were stated in writing in a 1787 letter from John Jay to George Washington, Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention.”

  • Marvin Zeichner

    I agree, he is a Pathological liar and a Psycho!


    As a moderate conservative living in Texas, I have never been able to figure out why the GOP sends all it’s undesirables to Texas to build their political careers. It’s tough enough being a native Texan and being accepted by the good old boys in Austin. A foreigner like Cruz has little chance of stopping the GOP majority in Austin from puking in their Cheerios !

  • gene613

    Trump sounds cogent only when he is reading someone else’s words (see,e.g.”his”foreign policy speech).Otherwise he is spouting one liners,believing he’s Don Rickles,or repeating the defamatory lies his friend puts in the garbage National Enquirer. He has indeed lied about every thing he promised to do.He says he’ll kill Obamacare,but HIS plan actually expands Obamacare to include 34 million people not covered in that failed plan;he says he’ll deport illegals,but he now says only those with felony records and even they,and other illegals would have a pathway to citizenship.While his says Mexico will pay for a wall,assuming a wall can be built in the terrain involved,but he conditions building anything on getting the money from Mexico:this will NEVER happen (Mexico already has no funds to pay its bills>).He’s ignorant as to foreign ;policy,actually equating Hamas/PA with Israel,and thinking he can renegotiate an Iran deal that has no means of verification,when Iran has never actually signed the agreement,and still calls for the destruction of Israel and the USA. Trump is Obama with TV experience

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