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Trump hits new national high


trump vRepublican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump claimed 56 percent support nationally among Republicans and GOP-leaning voters, a new high, according to the latest poll from NBC News/Survey Monkey. Ted Cruz and John Kasich came in with 22 percent and 14 percent, respectively:

Trump rose 6 points from last month’s edition of the same poll, while Cruz dropped 4 points and Kasich dropped 3.

A plurality of Republicans surveyed, 39 percent, said Cruz should stay in the GOP race through the party’s convention in July. Slightly fewer, 36 percent, said he should drop out now, while 23 percent said he should drop out next month if he’s running behind at the end of the primary season.

Meanwhile, 58 percent said Kasich should drop out now, while another 26 percent said he should stay in the race until Cleveland and 15 percent said drop out next month.

The survey of 3,479 GOP registered voters took place April 25–May 1. It has a margin of error of 2.2 points.

The national survey followed the release of another survey which shows Trump leading by a whopping 34 points in California. However, Trump performs poorly in the Golden State against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

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