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Cruz drops out; Trump is ‘presumptive nominee’


25097114163_a9ede4b342_b (1)Tuesday’s Indiana primary was make-or-break for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz; and, unfortunately for proponents of the #NeverTrump movement, it did more than just break him. Not only did Cruz drop his presidential bid after loosing the Hoosier State to Donald Trump 53.3 percent to 36.7 percent, but RNC Chairman Reince Priebus also declared that Trump “will be the presumptive GOP nominee”:

Early Wednesday, Priebus doubled down on his support for Trump:

“You know what, I think something different and something new is probably good for our party,” Priebus said Wednesday on CNN, a day after he tweeted that Trump will be the presumptive nominee and called for unity against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. “Look, I don’t think anyone predicted what happened. So, look, we’re here. We’re going to get behind the presumptive nominee.”

To be sure, there are hundreds of thousands of conservatives who disagree that Trump “is probably good for our party.”

However, now that he is the presumptive nominee, speculation turns to who he’ll pick as his running mate. Trump has declined to name any names, but he revealed Wednesday morning that, “It will probably be someone with political experience” and “definitely” a Republican.

Trump should choose wisely. The right VP pick could go a long way to rally Republican voters who don’t really care for him.

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