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Sen. Ben Sasse goes on amazing rant: ‘There are dumpster fires in my town more popular’ than Clinton or Trump


ChpmYlFWMAA5wKyIt’s all but inevitable now that the November general election will pit Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. But between the #NeverTrump movement and the rise of #DropOutHillary overnight, it’s crystal clear that the vast majority of average Americans aren’t satisfied with either choice.

Conservative Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse isn’t satisfied, either. He posted a lengthy political rant to Facebook Wednesday night, and to sum up his feelings on the presidential race: “There are dumpster fires in my town more popular than” either Trump or Clinton. From Reason:

In the “open letter to majority America” that Sasse posted to Facebook Wednesday, it’s pretty clear he’s testing the waters for an independent presidential run (if not by himself, than by someone). Yet somehow the standard ranting and raving about “Washington dysfunction” and the need for unity comes off not like a stilted, empty tirade but … honest. Righteously angry. Maybe even a tiny bit substantive. Sure, there’s the hokey dialogues he allegedly had at the Fremont, Nebraska, Walmart that morning, but there’s also a willingness to engage with the idea—oft touted by the likes of all of us here at Reason—that people’s dissatisfaction with both Republicans and Democrats is totally warranted, because both parties failed the people long before Trump vs. Clinton 2016.

Sasse is right. Republicans and Democrats alike have failed their constituents, and both parties have lost their identities outside of being “anti-Democrat” and “anti-Republican,” respectively. Neither are working for majority America; they’re working against each other — and voters of all ages know it. It’s not a coincidence that Google searches for “Libertarian Party” spiked after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race.

So what should majority America do? Sasse suggests drafting “an honest leader who will focus on 70% solutions for the next four years” who “should be able to campaign 24/7 for the next six months.” He doesn’t name any names, but he points out that “even a genuine consensus candidate would almost certainly be more conservative than either of the two dishonest liberals now leading the two national parties.”

“Remember,” he adds, “our Founders didn’t want entrenched political parties. So why should we accept this terrible choice?”

Read his entire rant below:

  • Stephen Moreland

    I think Sasse is right. The 60% of Republicans who don’t want Trump under any circumstances now have no representation. The 40% minority will tell the 60% majority who to vote for. I voted for Dole in 1992, McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, only to try to keep the Democrats out of office. I definitely wasn’t voting my conscience, but all the experts said if we didn’t hold our nose and vote for the Republican, we’re handing the election to the American-hating Obama. It didn’t work then, and I think it’s even less likely to happen today. With only 2 very unlikeable liberals in the race now, millions of conservatives will stay home on election day as they did in 2008 and 2012, handing the election to the criminal. Since that’s going to happen anyway, I’ll go ahead and vote my conscience this time and write-in Ted Cruz. Futile, yes. But at least I’ll know that I didn’t elect the Narcissist-in-Chief.

    • Charlie

      If you actually do as stated then you might as well vote for the democrat . For a write in for Cruz or anyone else is a futile act of defiance that proves nothing but that you are a stubborn person .

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Ben Sasse, whoever you are, trust me on this. You, as an elected politician bound by the oath you took on assuming Office to support our Ratified Constitution, really ought to focus on “American Citizen voters”, not “majority America” – whatever that means. If your focus is meant to include the “Silent Majority”, as they were once called, you might take notice that they are no longer “silent” as they recognize, for the first time in decades, that we finally have a candidate for the Presidency who is a “natural born Citizen”, as required by Article II of our Ratified Constitution, and further, is dedicated to such conservative principles as “secure borders” and, among a plethora of other critical issues which have been systematically ignored by agenda driven NWO – Global thinking politicians, properly vetting each and every individual who wishes to enter our Country for whatever reason – you know, just as it was done in the past when Ellis Island was a proper and legal port of entry before open borders became the darling of politicians pandering for votes and power over national security. To be clear, the candidate I speak of is Donald Trump and it would behoove you to take notice of him and those who support him as you are most fortunate to be involved in a “soft revolution” being led by Patriot Trump. The “hard revolution” you and your kind were leading our Country in to with your political pandering to pressure groups unconcerned with the mandates inherent in our Constitution – which I reiterate you swore to uphold on taking Office – where nigh on to creating a blood bath in this Country that would have had you praying for a Patriot like Donald Trump to come forward and offer a course of action, as he is doing, to quell the violence. If you’re thinking of “testing the waters” for a run at the Presidency, Mr. Sasse, I would counsel you to think otherwise and perhaps leave well enough alone. Political thinkers such as yourself are the ones who have created the dire circumstances which we’re dealing with in our Constitutional Republic today. There is not much interest on the part of conscientious, personally responsible, productive American Citizens for a continuation of the downward spiral your political colleagues have burdened our Country with. It’s time for an independent American Citizen to take control. No one says that Trump is without faults, but he, because he is his own man, brings positive attributes to the seat of power in this Country that no professional politicians, because they owe so much to so many, can match. It’s time for a clean sweep with a new broom, Mr. Sasse, and the thinking American Citizen voter is with Donald Trump.

    • Robert

      You can rant and have a tirade about all these things Trump is going to do, I do wish him luck that no other President as ever had. The first thing you fail to understand is that the President as no powers, he is but a figure head between the USA and other countries. This country is not a Republic or Democratic country it is an Oligarchy http://www.livescience.com/51327-happiest-countries-list.html run by the rich it has been since its founding and it is not likely to change.
      If the Congress wanted the Borders closed they would have attempted it along time ago, which it can not be done. That is why there is a European Union because they could not stop illegals from crossing borders, the rich elite want the Good Cheap labor here and Trump can not do anything against their will.
      The special interest do not need to buy the President when they have already bought the Congress on both sides of the isle. I would suppose Ben Sasse know more about politics than you do. he knows that the President can not go against the Special interest rich that run the country.
      If the President has any powers then why is it that Gitmo is still open when Obama said it would be closed in 1 year after his being President. Every one blames the President but in reality it is Congress who makes the laws, allots the money to enforce the laws and punishes the people who do not do the bidding of the Congress.
      Each party likes to get their person in as President because he can veto laws they do not like, and if it is a majority the Congress can over ride his veto and there is nothing the President can do about it.
      Yes the President can do recess appointments and Executive Orders but they are both short lived unless Congress want to take them up, the most either can last is a year without Congress approval, and if it is something Congress thinks it totally wrong they have the power to stop it before it goes into effect.
      Spend more time studying the way Government works and less time listening to what you like to hear.

      • Allen

        Don’t Feed the Troll

        • Robert

          Does not like to be confronted with the facts. He likes to confuse with baseless rhetoric.
          That is why he does not want me to comment. I do not feed into EITHER Party BS I deal with facts. no President can do anything unless Congress lets him, that is the bottom line.
          HAVE A NICE DAY

  • DPM

    BULLS–T The majority of Americans who vote disagree. Another elitist speaks out to show how out of touch they are. Let them eat cake says Sasse.

  • Obtruder

    Sorry, but there were some great people running in the GOP race that were rejected by the people this time around. And I’m not including Ted ‘Defective’ Cruz in that group.

    In past elections, the GOP elite have destroyed good honest candidates with carpet bombing ad campaigns.

    Trump did what an ideology driven campaign could not accomplish. He withstood a hundred million plus dollars of negative advertising

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