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Hillary Clinton claims she’s received ‘a lot of outreach from Republicans’


hillary-4-300x197During an interview with CBS’s John Dickerson on Face the Nation Sunday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that there are “a lot” of Republicans reaching out to help her campaign:

There are some #NeverTrump-ers who have admitted they might end up supporting or voting for Clinton, and John Dickerson asked Clinton today what her pitch is to Republicans who are open to her over Trump, but are “skeptical.”

Clinton made the case that she is the substantive candidate in the race with a “track record of getting results.”

“I am asking people,” she said, “to join this campaign and I’ve had a lot of outreach from Republicans in the last days who say they are interested in talking about that.”

If this is true, it’s terrifying. Especially considering the dire ramifications another Clinton White House would likely have on our constitutional freedoms.

  • 2T3onefive

    Hey hillary, those are not republicans, they are RINOs and RINO democrats . Don’t flatter yourself, you are nothing more than a senile old hag who will end up finishing up what obama started, and that is the downfall of this country with socialist/communist agendas and policies. You belong in jail along with your hubby bill, you corrupt perverts!

  • ragcollector

    So tell us, Criminal Failure that lies about everything, how could you think we would believe you? LMAO!!
    8% of RINO’s said they would support a criminal failure while 24% of demmiecoms said they would support Trump. That was a poll 2 weeks ago.


    OH PLEASE, this deranged woman is a pathological Liar!! Anyone who believes her has to be mentally challenged or just plain mentally retarded. The only thing true about this woman is that anyone who has had any dealing with the Clinton Crime family will end up DEAD; that much is true. Just ask all the deceased former pals and acquaintances ( good luck with that).

  • cactusbob

    “IF WHAT SHE SAYS IS TRUE?” Is there any precedent for that assumption?

  • DPM

    You don’t think she is lying do you ? She said she had a proven track record of getting things done. Please someone……give me just one example of anything she has done in her entire political life that was helpful to our country, or maybe to just one state, or maybe a county somewhere. OK I’ll settle for a medium size city. Can’t come up with anything how about a small town or rural farming district. There must be something, or maybe not.

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