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Facebook employees are Ready for Hillary


politifact-photos-hillaryemailFurther proving that Facebook fosters liberal political bias, itemized contributions show that Facebook employees as individuals have donated more than $114,000 to Hillary Clinton, far more than any other candidate:

That is nearly $100,000 more in donations than to Marco Rubio, the former candidate with the second highest donation count from employees of the social media giant. Rubio brought in $16,604 from Facebook employees before dropping out.

The numbers are based on itemized contributions through the end of March that candidates report to the Federal Election Commission.

The tally only reflects itemized contributions, so it is not a perfect reflection of the number of Facebook employees who donated. Candidates are not required to give information about contributions less than $200. For example, Bernie Sanders has raised more than $182 million, but only about $66 million of those donations include information about the people who donated.

Those who have donated to Clinton include 11 vice presidents at the company, including Tom Stocky, who leads the team in charge of the site’s trending news feature. On Monday, Gizmodo broke a story in which former Facebook contractors alleged that curators on the trending news team routinely suppress conservative news items.

Other candidates who received listed donations from Facebook employees were Sanders ($12,000); Jeb Bush ($3,225); Rand Paul ($3,150); John Kasich ($2,700); and Ben Carson ($250). There were no listed contributions to either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

  • uchsamin

    I guess I can add that reason why I stay away from the socialist & evil facebook.

  • uchsamin

    Hang the witch and the top brass at facebook…..for stupidity and treason.

  • 2T3onefive

    I never trusted facebook, never had and never will. It is a cesspool of liberals.

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