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Over 40 percent of Sanders voters in West Virginia would vote for Trump over Clinton


front4Hillary Clinton lost West Virginia to Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, an entirely unsurprising result given her vow to “put a lot of coal miners out of business.” However, Sanders supporters shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Clinton likely will still win the Democratic nomination — and according to exit polling from Tuesday, over 40 percent of West Virginia Democratic primary voters would vote for Donald Trump over Clinton:

In November, Donald Trump would be the choice of 44 percent of West Virginia Democratic primary voters who supported Bernie Sanders Tuesday, CBS News early exit polling found.

Notably, 36 percent of West Virginia’s Democratic primary voters identify as independent.

Additionally, exit polls found that two-thirds of the state’s coal industry workers support Sanders. Which is highly ironic, because Sanders hates coal even more than Clinton does:

Kent Carper, a Kanawha County commissioner and Democrat who backs Clinton, said Sanders’s support puzzles him.

“His record on fossil fuel makes Hillary look like the Chamber of Commerce,” he said. “He wants to eliminate fracking! That’s the only thing we got left, really. I’m not saying it’s good for anything other than a bunch of people making money off it, but he is totally against extraction of fossil fuels which is what, unfortunately, we’ve depended on for our whole life.”

Just goes to show the power of smart — and clueless — campaigning.

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