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Kochs to spend $30 million in key Senate races


charles and david kochLet’s not forget that there are also congressional elections this November; the Koch brothers certainly haven’t. The conservative billionaire philanthropists plan to spend $30 million on television and digital advertising in key Senate races across the country:

A spokesman for Freedom Partners, a right-leaning organization within the Koch’s network, said the ad buy will cover August and September.

The Koch network’s decision to invest in Senate races in Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and potentially Florida was first reported by Buzzfeed and appears to contradict the notion that the Koch brothers would become less involved in national politics in 2016.

On the contrary, the Koch’s network has reportedly reached twice as many voter contacts already as they did during the last election cycle and have approximately 1,200 staffers in 38 states.

Despite ramping up efforts in the Senate races, however, the Kochs have pulled back from presidential politics due to the divisive rise of Donald Trump. Charles Koch actually told ABC that it’s “possible” Hillary Clinton would be a better president than Trump.

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