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Cartoon: NeverTrump Smell Test


The dilemma for #neverTrumpers: Trump or the Constitution? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • tetoffensive

    Good. I sincerely hope Mr. TRump goes all the way. If for no other reason than to teach our professional politicians that their day has come and they will soon be retiring or going to prison.

  • 2T3onefive

    Time’s up for a lot of this corrupt politicians, I surely hope so. For too long have this evil sold out bastards been sitting smugly on their rocking chairs getting paid to do nothing to protect our constitution.
    Trump 2016!

    • Nanette Gray

      Fools, you people are so blind, Trump funded their corruption and you think he is going to change everything, he might but in what direction. How sad that americans are now a cult worshipers for Trump. You idiots don’t even know at all of how our Congress works at all, along with stupid Trump!

      • 2T3onefive

        Do tell Nanette, just who would you recommend from the cesspool in congress? We “people” want a decent AMERICAN for president, no more sold out carer politicians. Let me guess, you are for crooked hillary…right? or perhaps sanders? obama? I give up.
        Come on Nanette, Do tell me why you hate Mr. Trump so much, and by the way, I could not give a rat’s ass about how “Congress” works, but I’ll give a hint Nanette, FOCUS on the Lord God above and the U.S. Constitution, and maybe, just maybe we could save what’s left of this country.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    to all you morons out there , you already lost the first and second amendments ,, speak out and go to jail , carry a gun with out a permit you go to jail, they have screwed up the whole country and the only way to defend yourself is to brake the law, when drug dealers and murderers are seen as inocent ,you know the country is f**ked up, and thanks to the all mighty ni**er in the white house that is what we got , how you like this hope and change, it’s more like the mid evil times

    • 2T3onefive

      Bravo Richard!!! I am 100% with you brother, you nailed it! LOL!

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