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Trump officially clinches Republican nomination


trump vDonald Trump has been the presumptive Republican Party nominee since May 4, when John Kasich bowed out of the race. However, according to a delegate count released Thursday by the Associated Press, Trump has reached the 1,237 delegate threshold to officially clinch the nomination and avoid a contested convention:

The AP reports that Trump was has reached 1,238 delegates, put over the 1,237 needed to win the nomination by a small number of the party’s unbound delegates who said they would support him at the convention. Trump will most likely add more delegates to his total before the convention in Cleveland, giving him a comfortable victory.

Now that Trump’s the GOP nominee, he should announce a running mate soon. Who do you think should be his vice president? Click HERE to cast your vote in the second round of Vice President Apprentice!

  • Bud William

    Now, you establishment “Turd” had better get behind Trump or kiss you ass and the Republican Party good bye.
    To the A-Holes that say they will stay home you will get something you do not want. Better Believe It.


    A former Democrat, I met and talked briefly with Trump years ago in his Atlantic City casino and came away with the impression that this guy is the Real Deal ! A long time business manager and problem solver, something we need more today than ever before ! A lot of disadvantaged people in this country don’t want a Liberal Handout, they just want an equal chance to succeed ! Those recently degreed individuals who took on enormous debt to get a university education are now realizing that their problems are only beginning as degreed positions are increasingly following those former manufacturing jobs to low wage foreign countries. Turns out American universities have been double teaming young Americans by opening campuses in various foreign locations to train foreign students to qualify for the coming flood of professional jobs leaving the U.S. Why should we trust the current Washington crowd any longer ?

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