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PolitiFact: Hillary Clinton’s claim that private server ‘was allowed’ is false


clintonpressconference-800x450Despite what Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and — oddly — Bernie Sanders want, the Clinton email scandal isn’t fading away. In fact, it’s getting worse. Last week, the State Department Inspector General released a report exposing many of Clinton’s lies about her private homebrew email server. In light of that report, PolitiFact has now determined that Clinton’s repeated claim that department rules “allowed” her to use a private server to conduct all official government business is, in fact, false:

Since the news of Clinton’s email came to light in 2015, she has argued that she “complied with every rule” and that the practice was “allowed.” We haven’t yet put the issue on the Truth-O-Meter because there were too many unknowns.

But the inspector general’s report has clarified some of those unknowns and demonstrated that Clinton’s exclusive use of personal email was, in fact, not allowed.

Further, PolitiFact explains exactly why and how Clinton’s private server broke the rules. And it broke many, many rules:

First of all, the State Department’s policy as of 2005 (Clinton joined in 2009) is thatall day-to-day operations are to be conducted on the official State Department information channel. Clinton never once used this State Department email system.

And if an employee needs to use a personal email for conducting official business, he or she has an “obligation” to consult with the chief information officer and the assistant secretary for diplomatic security. However, Clinton did neither.

These two offices told the inspector general that they “did not — and would not — approve her exclusive reliance on a personal email account to conduct Department business, because of the restrictions in the (Foreign Affairs Manual) and the security risks in doing so.”

She also didn’t consult the Bureau of Information Resource Management, which she was supposed to do if she needed to send sensitive but unclassified information over non-departmental channels. Many of her emails contain this kind of information.

Further, Clinton needed to show that her personal email had the proper security features to send sensitive but unclassified information. While Clinton has said her private server was secure, she did not formally demonstrate this to the State Department.

Clinton also didn’t comply fully with records management expectations. Notably, she did not ensure that her work-related emails were preserved on the State Department system in real time, nor did she surrender them when she left office.

And to debunk another Clinton claim: she was well aware of these rules. The assistant secretary for diplomatic security sent a memo directly to Clinton in March 2011 urging employees to “minimize the use of personal web email for business” due to cybersecurity concerns. So either Clinton neglected to read the email, or she neglected to heed its warning. Either way she’s negligent — and a liar.

By the way, Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in 180 days — that’s just two days short of a full half-calendar year. And given recent revelations, she likely won’t hold another one for a while.

  • John Redman

    Those pro-Russian trolls that are making that Finnish woman reporter’s life awful (“drug dealer”, etc), do that to the hildamonster and to bernie and to VP stumbletoungue whatshisname. Show them no mercy or respite because any of them picking SCOTUS persons would show no respite to us. Double down then double down again [Free college? Tell that to the victims of the out-of-business school in Burlington, VT]

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