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The Global Warming Shakedown, Part IV


Whether they call it global warming or climate change, activists on the left are acting as if the issue is just an excuse to extort money and expand the power of government.

  • In Part I, I wrote about kleptocrats exploiting the issue to shake down western governments for enormous amounts of aid money.
  • In Part II, I noted how then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, using tens of billions of dollars from American taxpayers, wanted to bribe third-world governments into adopting anti-energy measures
  • In Part III, I explained how the Kyoto Protocol encourages the destruction of jobs in western nations.

Let’s now a fourth installment on how climate change is a racket.

The Wall Street Journal reports on a legal scam concocted by left-wing activists to extort money from Exxon.

A key meeting in the new push unfolded in January behind closed doors… The session brought together about a dozen people, including Kenny Bruno, a veteran of environmental campaigns, and Bill McKibben, founder of, two activists who helped lead the successful fight to block the Keystone XL pipeline. The new campaign’s goals include “to establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution that has pushed humanity (and all creation) toward climate chaos and grave harm,” according to an agenda of the meeting… This new legal strategy stems in part from environmentalists’ frustration at what they see as the inadequacy of recent climate deals. Their hope is to encourage state attorneys general and the U.S. Justice Department to launch investigations and lawsuits that ultimately will change Exxon’s behavior, force it to pay big damages.

And the scam paid off, at least in the sense that a bunch of Democratic Attorneys General have launched a legal attack on the company.

In an article for the Daily Signal, Hans von Spakovsky explores the implications.

…we now have a new inquisition underway in America in the 21st century—something that would have seemed unimaginable not too long ago. Treating climate change as an absolute, unassailable fact, instead of what it is—an unproven, controversial scientific theory—a group of state attorneys general have announced that they will be targeting any companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change religion. …The inquisitors are threatening legal action and huge fines against anyone who declines to believe in an unproven scientific theory. Schneiderman and Kamala Harris, representing New York and California, respectively, have already launched investigations into ExxonMobil for allegedly funding research that questioned climate change.

By the way, one amusing and ironic aspect of this attempted shakedown is that some of the left-wing activists are asserting that scientists for the energy companies are smarter than the ones mooching from the government.

Writing for National Review, Rupert Darwall explains.

Was ExxonMobil better at climate science than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)? This is the bizarre position now being adopted by climate activists such as Harvard’s Naomi Oreskes and’s Bill McKibben. As early as 1977, Exxon researchers “knew that its main product would heat up the planet disastrously,” McKibben claimed in the New Yorker last month. …Had Exxon been up-front about the dangers of global warming, we might have started to decarbonize decades ago, Oreskes argues. Instead, Exxon had behaved like tobacco companies who had “long delayed” public understanding by suppressing the truth about the deadly nature of their products.

But there’s one teensy-weensy problem with the tobacco company/oil company analogy.

Scientists were able to prove the threat to health from smoking because there is a very strong statistical relationship between smoking and lung cancer. The strength of those initial findings was further validated by passing a tough predictive test. In 1953, Richard Doll, one of the first researchers to have found the link, predicted that in 1973 there would be 25,000 lung-cancer deaths in Britain. In fact, there were 26,000. By contrast, climate models have been systematically over-forecasting temperature rises this century, demonstrating that climate scientists know much less about the climate system than they would have us believe.

Needless to say, if the models are wrong about the weather we’ve already had, why should we believe their future predictions?

And the climate alarmists certainly have a long track record of flawed pronouncements.

And suppression of inconvenient data.

By the way, just in case these legal scams don’t work, some statists want to take the threats to the next level.

In a modern-day version of the Church imprisoning Galileo, the self-styled Science Guy apparently doesn’t think much of open and honest inquiry. Here are some passages from a report in the Washington Times about Bill Nye refusing to reject jail time for skeptics.

Bill Nye “the science guy” says in a video interview released Thursday that he is open to the idea of jailing those who deviate from the climate change consensus. …“In these cases, for me, as a taxpayer and voter, the introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen,” Mr. Nye said. “So I can see where people are very concerned about this, and they’re pursuing criminal investigations as well as engaging in discussions like this.”

Local governments also are joining the campaign.

Fox News reports that the City of Portland wants to censor dissenting views on global warming.

The Portland Public Schools board voted last week to ban any materials that cast doubt on climate change, the Portland Tribune reported. According to the resolution passed May 17, the school district must remove any textbooks and other materials that suggest climate change is not occurring or that says human beings are not responsible for it. …One commenter to the Portland Tribune story responded to the news, saying, “I have never seen a case for homeschooling more clearly put forward. This is further proof that public schools are not interested in education, only political indoctrination.”

Unsurprisingly, the Obama Administration is intrigued anti-science shakedown. Though at least there’s some resistance from Capitol Hill, as reported by theWashington Examiner.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch must drop all efforts to prosecute climate change skeptics or risk engaging in “prosecutorial misconduct,” a group of Senate Judiciary Committee members warned. “As you well know, initiating criminal prosecution for a private entity’s opinions on climate change is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and an abuse of power that rises to the level of prosecutorial misconduct,” five lawmakers wrote to Lynch on Wednesday. …In March, Lynch told Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., that the FBI was considering whether it was possible to prosecute companies or groups that promoted climate change skepticism.

By the way, the fact that some leftists want to stifle dissent and redistribute money doesn’t mean global warming/climate change doesn’t exist.

Heck the climate never stops changing. And it may now be changing in part because of human actions.

That being said, I’m sure the right approach for dealing with climate change shouldn’t include central planning and other forms of statism.

I have a hard time accepting the policy prescriptions of people who are nutjobs.

In case you think I’m exaggerating, consider these examples.

Then there’s the super-nutty category.

So it’s understandable why sensible people reject the agenda of radical environmentalists, even if there is some man-caused global warming.

P.S. To close on an upbeat note, we have some decent environmentalist humor here, here, here, here, and here.

P.P.S. On a more serious note, other governments also have moved to criminalize dissent.

P.P.P.S. According to the political betting markets, the most likely V.P. candidate for Trump has a very shaky history on the topic of climate alarmism.

This is a guest post by Dan Mitchell “a high priest of light tax small state libertarianism”
  • Richard Bagenstose

    if i were president i would stop the waste of money and start building things to protect low lying areas from floods and other natural disastors ,there are a lot of things that can be done , when was the last time our government built anything worth while , seems like the 1930’s , now we build fast . but it’s all junk, houses are lucky to last 20 years and fall apart before you pay them off, new is not always better

    • Robert

      Richrd Bagenstose
      If you were President you would do what Congress lets you do, just like every other President.
      Congress is the controlling authority, thePresident does nothing without the approval of the majority of Congress.

  • KayO

    Please watch the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. The global warming issue is a ruse designed to control citizens. Please watch the films. Has anyone seen the Climate Hustle film? Heard it is pretty good.

    • Robert


      these things you mention are they backed up by hard fact, or just someone’s opinion you agree with.

      Here is hard facts Mr Hawking has no political agenda.

    • RLTMLT

      Disciples of the Malthus cult committed to global depopulation and a return to a pre-Renaissance era !

      • KayO

        That’s right-because they’re nuts.

        • RLTMLT

          Sometimes you feel like a Nut, most times you don’t !

          • KayO

            And sometimes those nuts grow new nuts. There are actually followers of Mikhail Gorbachev who built an ark dedicated to mother earth. They pray to it and take it gifts. Something tells me they’re smoking something growing on mother earth.

          • RLTMLT

            I’m quite happy with my status as a secular human, my wife is the only thing I worship.
            I came across the following interesting quote made by the late Doctor Madelyn Murray O’Hair at the 1990 National Atheist Convention held in Florida.

            “We all cry over past human history, I know that I do as I see what religion has done to Western Culture for over two thousand years. Had we followed Paganism, had we adopted the Latin and Greek cultures with their emphasis on applied knowledge and science, it’s very likely that a Neil Armstrong predecessor would have walked on the Moon in the year 300 A D, eighteen centuries ago !”

          • KayO

            Clearly, Dr. O’Hair is not familiar with the fact that Hitler, Lenin and Stalin were secular humanists, which is why they felt no guilt whatsoever for the millions they murdered. For the record, secular humanism and atheism are religions.Enough with the smarter than thou attitude-we see right through it.

          • RLTMLT

            True enough but this country has and continues to amass an enormous body count while participating in foreign wars often of our own making and we have long claimed to be a Christian nation. Let’s just admit that there’s more than enough hypocrites out there who are ready and willing to pursue their own agendas while ignoring the desires of the masses who are forced to fight those wars !

          • KayO

            Wars are sometimes necessary-God never said that we should just stand around while people are trying to kill us. Force often comes from the opposition. If someone comes to my home to kill mine and/or me, I’m “forced” to fight back. That’s not hypocritical.


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