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Dems confident they’ll reclaim Senate majority


Senate_in_sessionThe presidential election isn’t the only election happening in November. Republicans must defend 24 seats in the Senate, and it’s going to be an uphill battle to maintain a majority:

“If you believe that Clinton retains advantage in the presidential race, and I’m still in that camp, then I think by extension you have to also believe that Democrats are better than 50-50 to take back the Senate,” said Kyle Kondik, a political handicapper at the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

The GOP is at a disadvantage because it has to defend 24 seats, while Democrats only have to protect 10. Democrats need a net gain of four seats and control of the White House to take back the Senate majority.

Of the 10 Senate seats most likely to flip, nine are currently held by Republicans and only one by a Democrat: Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.), the minority leader who will retire at year’s end.

For Republicans to keep control of the Senate, their candidates will have to run well ahead of Trump in states that President Obama carried in 2008 and 2012. That’s tough for Senate candidates to do by more than a few percentage points.

Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is considered to be the most vulnerable Republican incumbent. In swing states like Ohio, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has reserved about $50 million worth of television airtime this fall to hammer home the idea at the GOP has become the “Party of Trump.”

Republicans, on the other hand, are hoping that voters will split their tickets if Donald Trump proves to be a weak general-election candidate:

“This is going to be a ticket-splitting kind of year,” McConnell said last week.

“What we’re seeing in purple and blue states is a willingness to vote for the Republican incumbent coupled with voting for the Democratic nominee for president,” said Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster.

“That’s obviously good for Republican incumbents in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and New Hampshire and Illinois,” he added.

However, they’re also worried that Trump’s poor approval rating with Hispanics could hurt Republicans in states with large Hispanic populations:

Trump is also a significant liability in Arizona for [Sen. John] McCain, who acknowledged to donors at a private event earlier this year that he’s in the race of his life. Twenty-two percent of eligible voters in Arizona are Hispanic, according to Pew.

Senate Republicans are frustrated by the lack of any evidence that Trump is making an effort to discipline himself and ease off his penchant for gratuitous insults since locking up the nomination.

Trump on Thursday called a federal judge’s Mexican heritage “an inherent conflict of interest” in his ability to preside fairly over a lawsuit against Trump University.

The week before, he slammed New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R), who was once considered a potential running mate, for “not doing her job” after she declined to endorse him.

McConnell called the attack on Martinez “a big mistake” and urged him to stop “gratuitous attacks on allies.”

Given how unpredictable this election has been, however, it’s far too early to assume the Democrats will win in a landslide. The important thing is that Republicans turn out and vote.

  • KayO

    They’re becoming more and more like democrats, so why would they worry?

    • Robert

      If you think I never ran a business do some research on Digi-Tech Electronics. prior to 1998
      A 400 million a year business I was 51% owner, not hard to check on the internet if you know anything about research. We provided all Medical free for all employees and never took a cent fom the Governmnet in the way of tax cuts, paid all our taxes and took care of our employees, Like i said Labor not taxes are the main cost and that is what the Corporations left this country for not Taxes which i know for a fact the most they pay was 20% after the tax breaks that they get from the federal and state
      When we started the company we made a pack among the owners that the Ceo would make no more than 10 times the highest paid worker on the floor, and we imitated the Japaneese model no office we worked on the floor with the employees and had a clerk to take care of the paer work and his staff of 5 persons.
      You are the one who knows nothing about industry, you listen to the greedy who want it all and never want to give anything unless they are going to get something in return.

      • KayO

        That’s impossible, Robert. You obviously believe that most business owners are greedy, cheat on taxes, and do not provide benefits for their employees. How very pompous of you. As a business-owner myself, I’m very much aware of labor expenses. Prior to Obama, my employees received performance bonuses. However, that’s no longer possible as long as Obama and those who believe as he does continue to infect private America with socialist burdens. Insofar as wages are concerned, I make no apologies, and our employees are some of the best-paid in the industry. You are a liar.

        • Robert


          No I do not think most Business owners are anything but trying to do the best that they can. It is the Corporations that are the GREEDY ones that want it all and give nothing back, Wal Mart is a good example but all the large Corporations are the same in MY opinion. If Corpoorate Tax was the reason for the relocation to other Countries as they lead everyone to believe, then how come these foreign Corporations relocate here and do extremely well, Toyota, Sabaru, Volkswagen, Scandia
          What has Obama one to effect any business venture or business interest in this country. It does not seem to effect these foreign companies who manufacture here and seem to expand every year or so to keep up with demand, and they treat their employees extremely well.

          All these foreign Companies believe heavily on Socialistic Governments and they have flourished much better in that enviroment than US companies have here in our not give anything back enviroment.
          Where are your answers to why these companies are doing so good and Americna companies have to relocate.
          I am niether a liar or a hypocrite, the facts are the facts if you choose not to believe them that is your privlidge
          HAVE A GOOD DAY

          • KayO

            I am part-owner in a “corporation”. I have forfeited my paycheck many times since Obama’s third year in office. My employees have never gone without. I dare you to call me a greedy corporate executive. Haven’t you heard Obama use GE as the perfect American business model? No-you didn’t hear that? I agree that many foreign corporations believe in socialism. China is one of those, and we are being sold to China piece by piece. Corporations aren’t “doing good” in America because of American economic policies and inflation designed by government policies. We know the government only supports higher wages so they can collect more taxes. Nobody prospers except government officials. You are still a poser.

          • Robert

            I suppose you put it that way I am part owner in a lot of Corporations through stock I hold, that does not mean I agree with their way of doing business.
            The thing I seem to get from research is that none of the CEO know how to run a business they have connections and that is how they make their money.
            So many people in this country have started a company from the ground up and been highly successful then they are bought out by a big Corporation and they shut the business down because the profit margin was not as big as they wanted but in the end got rid of competition.
            If the business model is as bad as you say then how come all the other companies from Europe and Italy that are here are thriving and hireing all the time, why do they not leave if the Corporate climate is so bad, Subaru is building a new plant in Washington State, I am sure that says that the business climate in this country is really bad. Toyota had a record year last year, a sign of bad economic policy in the USA. Virgin Airlines has invested $40 Billion in the space race, another sign of bad economic policies here when they could have done it in another country.
            Yoyu are stuck on the Rich logic that they take all the money and give nothing back.
            LIke it or not Socialism will be in this country within the next 10 years, because it is the only type that is fair to everyone not just a few that have the money.
            Todays youth through the internet know this already and will be in a position in a few years to push it through.
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • KayO

            Good grief, Robert. Most people have stock portfolios. So what? I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but a CEO usually does know how to run a company and they do have business contacts. So what? The folks in Washington D.C. are allowed to participate in insider-trading-an offense punishable by imprisonment outside of the elites. Did you do any research on GE at all? Do you even know why GE moved away from the US and to where they moved? Why would anyone want to stay in business without making a profit? As a stockholder, you should want profits. You claim to be wealthy-you are not. Don’t boast of a stock portfolio and then act disgusted by the fact that corporations without profits fail. Stop pretending. You’ve already blown it.

          • Robert

            If the CEO’s new how to run a business they would not have to leave the country and cause the damage they have caused, extreme unemployment and added expense to the State and Federal Government through the extra expenses they have caused.
            Why as i asked you in your earlier response to you is it that these other Foreign Corporations are making money and hiring under the same laws in this country and willing to invest hugh sums of money here.
            In my opinion they know how to run a business with out getting rid of the competition so they are the only ones to buy from, which is no way to run a business, when i ran my business I was friends with nearly all my competition and was not trying to run them out of business, competition creates a healthy inviroment for business. makes for a better product and enhances finance.
            Like I said if the CEO’s knew how to run a business that makes the economy better then they would not hve to leave this country they could do the same thing the Foriegn Companies here are doing, making moneya dn helping our economynot helping a foreign economy.
            By the way China is Communist not Socialist in China the Governmnet owns oll the business indirectly, in a Socialist Country Businessea are privately owned like in this country. A hugh difference.
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • KayO

            I haven’t read your comment, Robert. You are a poser. You have lied about your business experience and everything else. You have no idea what you’re writing about and have no business trying to pass yourself off as an expert. We’re done.

          • Robert

            ou do not have to read any thing i post because i would hate for you to read the truth and not the BS the republicans put out to convince you what they want you to think.
            The difference between you and me is I can think for my self and do research to prove or disprove my opinion before I post it.
            That is fine because I know you are like so many others stuck in the same rut, believing that this Governmnet is bad for business because the Government will not lower or do away with Corporate tax. Just a Conservative Point of View not an evidence in fact.
            I never claimed to be a business expert, I just know that with the Corporate System we have in this country it does away with free enterprise and causes harm to this country, USA Corporations move away, yet Foriegn Corporations are faring well in this economy and adding to the country where our own Corporations are taking away and making it a third world Country so we only have rich and poor, the USA has the greatest dsparity between rich and poor of any industralised country in the world.
            You can keep on denighing it but it is a fact that those Corporations leaving this country are hurting the country terribly and should be punished with an import fee on anything they send back to this country.
            HAVE A NICE DAY

          • KayO

            Not only am I not reading, I will no longer reply. You’ve made a fool of yourself.

          • Robert

            I read once that “there is no bigger fool than he who blames his troubles on someone else.” WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING YOU THROW AT US,
            HAVE A NICE DAY

  • jug

    Yes they are! Matter of fact, Trump are one, and has been all his life!

    And at this rate, Trump is going to need a new VP, every other day!

    My God, are we in trouble!
    Hopefully, Hillary and Donald will both have to be replaced before November!

    What a pair of lying, liberal, NY democrats!
    If only Bill Clinton hadn’t convinced him to run on the republican ticket to protect Hillary through out the primaries, we might still have had a conservative or republican to vote for today!

  • An election is coming, and I can see changes ahead: I get many solicitations from senators and others, and with 23 GOP senators willing to interview the court nominee, and 43 voting on the Maloney Amendment, I am wondering why I should financially support the GOP when the GOP does not represent me or my values.

    David L. Driver

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