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By icing out Gingrich, Trump is sabotaging his campaign


1280px-Newt_Gingrich_CPAC_2011_by_Gage_SkidmoreIt’s time to get serious about a Donald Trump presidency. It’s also time for Trump to start taking his campaign seriously, but recent comments by the presumptive Republican nominee indicate that he’s doing no such thing.

Trump has inspired leftist cries of “racism” from virtually the moment he announced his candidacy, but his recent attacks on Judge Alonzo Curiel have even caused his supporters to question him. Most notably, former Speaker of the House and rumored vice presidential candidate Newt Gingrich called Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel “inexcusable.” And rather than walk back his comments in effort to preserve his relationship with Gingrich, Trump reacted how he’s always reacted to criticism:

In taking Trump to task for his obsessive smears of Judge Curiel, Gingrich was careful not to leave the impression that he had abandoned his candidate. He did not call Trump’s statements as racist and praised him as a “remarkable leader” who is a “fast learner” and spoke of their “good relationship.” He also insisted that he would back him against the “much more flawed” Hillary Clinton “all year.”

But that wasn’t enough to spare him from a rebuke from the GOP’s new Dear Leader. Trump’s reaction betrayed not only his legendary thin skin but also a well-known rule about entry into his inner circle: Trump must always be supported and praised. That’s why he didn’t merely disagree with Gingrich but stated that his comments were “inappropriate.” Of course, it’s somewhat humorous for a man for whom propriety is a dirty word to criticize someone with that term, but, in Trump World, there is only one code by which one must abide: loyalty to the Donald, first, last, always.

Up until now, Gingrich had nary a bad thing to say about Trump. And if Trump knows what’s good for him (and his campaign), he shouldn’t ice Gingrich out over a little constructive criticism. Gingrich is an absolute rockstar among conservatives, and a Trump-Gingrich ticket would likely go a long way in unifying right-leaning voters behind him. But if Trump can’t humble himself and accept help from leaders within the conservative movement, he will surely sabotage his own campaign and send Hillary Clinton sailing into the White House.

Furthermore, there’s another high-profile person who’s surrounded himself with loyalists and yes-men. His name is Barack Obama, and we’re all well aware of the many horrible policy decisions his top-down administration has made. Do we really want another person like that in White House?

  • Elaine Morris

    No, Trump is not sabotaging his own Campaign.


    If you don’t like INFOWARS…go to any search engine; and you’ll find the same information.

  • I just don’t know if self sabotage is credible, but it would certainly be Machiavellian. That has been a theory from the beginning starting with a Trump/Bill Clinton secret meeting.

    I would not put it past the Clinton syndicate to use a Trojan Horse. It would explain all the recent Trump policy conversions. The one piece missing is what would be the Trump motivation – certainly not money?


    I don’t understand, we are all sick of the endless predigested crap that professional politicians from both political parties continuously feed us yet we then complain when we finally get someone who speaks their own mind ! I guess that we have all become unwilling victims of years of Political Correctness ! But doesn’t it just make sense that attacking an Hispanic ethnic group, that has statistically grown to be almost as large as the Caucasian majority in this country, is an extremely risky political move ?

  • LandMinesOTB

    What part of what Trump said is untrue??
    The JUDGE is a Mexican. He IS a member of La Raza.
    La Raza believes in the superiority of the mexican race and that the US stole their land. If the judge didn’t believe those two key points, he would not be a member of La Raza.

    Given that, how can Trump expect to get an impartial review of the problem?

    Proving that the GOP can’t handle the truth – or doesn’t want it said out loud.

  • Don Kuehn

    The La Raza group that Judge Curiel belongs to has NOTHING to do with the other La Raza group. He has a long history of being a tough prosecutor, especially of Mexican drug members, and is one of the most honorable members of the federal court system. Donald Trump is nothing more than a Madison Avenue gasbag and somebody needs to stuff a big sock in his big mouth and duct tape it shut!

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