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Chafee: Dems are voting against Trump, not for Clinton


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.45.47 PMHillary Clinton won California’s Democratic primary Tuesday night, thus presumably becoming the first woman to win a major political party’s nominating contest. However, former Rhode Island senator and governor Lincoln Chafee said Wednesday that Democrats won’t turn out to the polls in November because they like Clinton, but because they dislike Donald Trump:

While appearing on CNN, host Carol Costello asked Chafee what many Bernie Sanders supporters will do when Sanders is no longer an option.

“But here’s the thing, Sen. Sanders has convinced his supporters that the system is rigged. When he does decide to drop out, how can he now convince his supporters that he’s lost fair and square?” Costello asked.

“Considering the foil that is Donald Trump, everybody I know that has supported Sen. Sanders is willingly, enthusiastically going to support Secretary Clinton,” Chafee said.

“Really? Even young people?” Costello asked.

“Just because the stakes are so high. Absolutely. The stakes are so high and the Nader experience is still fresh in our minds that brought us George W. Bush and Dick Cheney,” Chafee said. “We just can’t have that again, and I think Donald Trump scares people more than even Dick Cheney.

“So, it’s not so much as we love Hillary as we’re really afraid of Donald Trump? For Democrats at least,” Costello said.

“Yes, yes,” Chafee said. “Yes and I think Sen. Sanders in time, as this plays out, as this process plays out is also going to be an enthusiastic supporter of Secretary Clinton, the Democratic, presumptive Democratic nominee.”

No matter political affiliation, many Americans certainly definitely feel that a choice between Trump and Clinton is a choice between bad and worse.

  • Robert

    I think you are wrong, I think in the end the Sander’s supporters will just not vote at least that is what I am hearing.
    In their mind by not voting the will not be a part of the rigged political system where the leaders of the party can choose who they want to run and all the populus gets to do is vote for the bad apples that the rigged system is giving them.
    Sanders main supports are ostracised in most states where independents can not vote for either party, if you are an independent then you should be able to vote for one party or the other but only allowed to vote once.
    If I read the polls right and all the reports , Sander’s has more supporters than Clinton but they were not allowed to vote in the primaries.
    Approximatey 40% of the voters today are registered as independents, the people should be able to pick who they want for President even in the Primaries.
    Both Parties are disadvantaged by this rule and it needs to be changed even if it takes an amendment to the Constitution.

    • RLTMLT

      I agree Robert, Sander’s supporters will just avoid voting all together ! Those Republicans who are having trouble warming up to Trump will have no problem voting for him if Hillary is the only alternative !

  • Texas Belle

    And many people are going to vote against Hillary, not FOR Trump. Whatever it takes to keep “crooked Hillary” from becoming President.

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