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Cartoon: Trader or Traitor


Can we hear a peep from the media about Hillary’s sell out to Russia in the Uranium One deal? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



    She’s BOTH!! TRADING our liberties and freedoms for socialism/communism/liburalism/marxism/etc.! TRAITOR!!!!

  • Kevin Kinney

    When will the General Sheeple learn the truth about her?
    Why is being a member of the anti American socialist democrat party better then being an American?
    America should out right ban the anti American socialist party and they can take their infiltrators, the Rino’s with them.
    Say no to “no accountability”, debt spending because “we can”, affordable healthcare that will get you bankrupted and or killed, say no to homeless vets over mr obamas muslim serial killer – rapist invasion that are freeloading everything off us and demanding more “pork” handouts like a free car to… And there is so much more.
    The anti American socialist democrat party SELLOUTS will never stop till they have leveraged EVERY Square Foot of BLM Land to cover their debt spending. What you think the land grabs and BURNOUTS is “accidental?” Yeah, you should filter your polluted water and air better.
    We need to restore our American Values that the communist truly hated, like the democrats do: Morality, Faith in God threw Jesus and American Flag Waving Patriotism.
    A return to our American Values would go along way in restoring our Nation as well as getting an American as President who truly cares if America is doing good or not. Like a businessman who has a plan to make America Great Again.
    I think Trump can do the job.
    Hillary would sell us out, take our guns, well try, and that will not end well. I mean think about it, if you fought for our Country, your told give up your protection and hunting guns or be arrested or worse, what do you think the MAJORITY WILL DO when faced with an attack like that for an anti American socialist democrat dictator? They WILL fight. MOST of Americans will back them up.
    Anyway, Impeach mr obama from many of his crimes and we can get a clean slate that would remove his “unconstitutional laws.” That is very important.
    “Chop off the head of the snake and the snake dies.”
    So revealing the history of the anti American socialist democrat party and their infiltrators into the Republican Party is top priority for ALL Americans now.
    Lastly, and this will burn the retinas of those democrats:
    God Bless America, Thank you

  • How in the name of all that is RIGHT, could anyone want to vote for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Why do you want a criminal and a traitor as President of the United States? Yes “The Wicked Witch” of New York has the gall to knock Trump. She needs a new home. Not the White House but The Gray Bar Hotel.

    Find out the TRUTH about this Traitor: http://dumphillatyclinton.org

  • JeF

    ‘Im doing my part on exposing this witch’s illegal antics with the Judicial Watch Verdict newsletter dropped off in public places for anyone to read.
    They’re the ones that are forcing Hellary’s legal nightmare apon (her/him/it).

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