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Obama Gives Trump a Helping Hand


The problems of the sweet little lady from Chappaqua just keep mounting. Her basic dilemma, of course, is that at some point she has to explain why she needs to fix things so many things about America if Barack Obama has done such a great job over the past eight years. She’s never really been pressed on that obvious question, let alone answered it.

If she strays too far from the Obama farm by talking about all the things that are wrong with America, he’s likely to push her out of the witness protection program and into a Mao-cut version of an orange jump suit. If, at the same time, she keeps praising Obama’s accomplishments, more and more people who are suffering will back away from her.

Heads, she loses. Tails, she loses. It’s a dilemma that is going to provide a too-good-to-be-true, target-rich environment for Donald Trump.

Now, along comes Horrible Hillary’s worst nightmare: Barackus Obama has officially endorsed her! The media would have us believe that it’s a coup for Hillary, but try telling that to all the ex-Democratic politicians whom Obama supported in the 2014 midterms.

Forget the polls regarding Obama’s favorability ratings. The last time he campaigned for Democrats, he made it clear to the public that the midterms were a referendum on his policies. Result: People voted overwhelmingly against those policies. Since then, he has successfully dragged the United States even deeper into an invisible depression that is becoming more visible to voters every day.

It’s kind of ridiculous on its face that the media and Democratic cheerleaders keep talking up BHO’s favorability ratings and he keeps assuring Americans how much better off they are since he took office. If there were any truth to this propaganda, why would the vast majority of people be so angry that they enthusiastically endorse a businessman who has never held public office and a 74-year-old socialist?

Given the facts, if Obama has struck a deal with the Devils of Chappaqua that allows Hillary to stay out of the hoosegow and run for a third Obama term, it’s going to be an even worse bloodbath than I thought. Remember, Obama has no idea how unpopular he is, because his personality disorder — narcissistic delusions of grandeur — makes it impossible for him to comprehend what most of the electorate really thinks of him.

He lives in an alternate universe where life is all about golf, Beyonce, and uniting the workers of the world. He’s psychologically incapable of comprehending just how angry the average person is with him.

That said, Donald Trump should be sending the Marxmeister in the White House a thank-you note for endorsing HRC, and before this circus is all over, we may all owe him a debt of gratitude.

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  • l have learned 2 trust any one Obama back, is all Obama / 7+ years is a long time suffering

  • ourzoo10

    Just remember, in the mid-terms, as all along..Everything O touches turns to S**t…Just like this country is headed to the garbage heap if we don’t get a handle on things.

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