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Trump doubles down on call for mosque surveillance


trump-8Following the horrific terror attack in Orlando that left 49 people dead over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump renewed a previous call to keep domestic mosques under surveillance:

“We have to be very strong with our military, with our security. We have to be extremely strong,” Trump said during a phone interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“We have to be very strong in terms of looking at the mosques, you know, which a lot of people say, ‘Oh, we don’t want to do that. We don’t want to do that.’ We’re beyond that.”

Trump similarly called for domestic surveillance of mosques in the U.S. after the Paris attacks in November 2015. He has since claimed the title of being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Omar Mateen, the man who carried out the shooting, reportedly called 911 to claim allegiance to ISIS just prior to the attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Barack Obama said Monday that evidence suggests Mateen was a “homegrown” terrorist who was “inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the internet.”

Trump also called out Obama for not using the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” and not-so-subtly suggested that Obama may be a Muslim himself:

“Our government, we’re led by a man that is a very– look, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” he began.

“And the something else in mind, people can’t believe it. People cannot — they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the ways he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’”

“There’s something going on,” Trump said. “It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.”

The media has since criticized Trump for not having an emotional enough response to the Orlando shooting.

  • bill

    how many pounds of c4 or better are coming over our wide open borders each week??


    “The media has since criticized Trump for not having an emotional enough response to the Orlando shooting.”
    The only thing to get emotional about is the current government’s total incompetence. Maybe we will be outraged when one of these savage groups manages to set off a nuclear device at the Super Bowl !

  • Robert

    Here we go jumping the gun again. Blame all Muslims for the acts of one. Under our laws the Governmnet has no right to monitor a church, synagog, mosque or any other religious organization.
    I agree what went on in Florida is ahorrible thing, but the hate expressed by so called Christians about the gay or transgender community is an added ingredient, it was the same under the civil rights for blacks, hate, hate. that is what the peoploe heard. I think some of these people should go live in a Muslim country for a while and you will find out the majority of Muslims are very peaceful people trying to live their lives in peace. The radical are in a diffeerent frame of mind and always doing what the iman tells them to do, which is very few of them are in the radical state. Ever since this country was formed there have been those teaching hate, and even killing in some instances, The native Americans were heathen so we had to kill them off and when that didn’t happen quick enough then we got rid of their food supply,killing off the buffalo, then one President even order Typhoid blankets distributed to the reservations to kill the indians off, then there was the Irish wars in the 1850s,in the big cities, where the Irish were set upon because they were Catholic and wee killed in the open with nothing done about it, that is why the Irish turned to being policemen and then they were made fun of the cartoon the Keystone cops is aimed at the Irish. Then there was the Blacks in the South that were slaughtered openly and the law looked the other way, again hate then it was the illegals now the Muslims. Get the guilty and leave the rest alone. The killing in California was said to be Islamic terrorist but the reason that was never published is that they made fun of the individual daily because of his appearance and religion, and that wwas a contributing factor more than nything else, just like Americans who get fired and go in and shoot up the place, this should be taken in the same text, it was a hate killing.


      It’s not HATE you freaking IDIOT. It’s called common sense. These ISLAM INSPIRED TERRORIST are KILLING Americans. What do you suggest Robert ? Should we sit back and let them get away with it ? Yes these are HATE crimes. They HATE anybody who doesn’t believe in ISLAM. Now who are the BIGOTS here. WAKE UP you freaking DUMB ASS !!

      • Robert

        There is noting you can do to stop terrorism that is why it is called terrorism. Whether it is home grown or imported the terrorist is here and he or she is ready to strike and there is nothing we can do about it.
        To hate Muslims in general is idiotic, the majority of Muslims are not terrorists they are just like youa nd me trying to make a living raise their families, and live in peace.
        If you have a magic way of picking a terrorist out of the crowd I am sure the intelligence agencies would like for you to tell them who the terrorist are to make their job much easier. This individual showed not signs or indications of being radical when the FBI investigated him because his coworkers were afraid of him because he prayed a lot and they thought he was a terrorist.
        I you read the latest news report on CNN it says the club owner knew Omar because he was a frequent customer there and did gay dating, now that to me does not sound like a radical Muslim.
        I do know all Muslims should not be margnilized because of a few bad radical muslims.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    Trump is the only brave one who could confront these RADICAL ISLAM. Obama will not accept that Islam terrorists are the problems. Obama blamed it on guns, workplace violence, and mental illness. Obama deny every facts that were already confirmed by the FBI.
    Hillary support’s Obama. Trump puts up his life to protect our country ahead of his own.
    Let us rally behind him and UNITE to support him! We need to survive, and drive away traitors who are destroying the very essence of civilization.


    TRUMP is right again ! He won’t come out and say it so I WILL. OBAMA IS A MUSLIM. That’s why he won’t do a thing against ISLAM. NOTHING else makes sense. WAKE UP !!!

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